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Charming "ghosts" haunt! eSUN 3D Halloween printing contest officially got the winners


When Halloween meets the weekend, the S11 and the special sale season of Double 11, magic happens ... Some people turn into striking cute ”ghosts” at Halloween party, some turns into cheerful “ghosts” for EDG's wonderful performance in the LOL S11 semi-finals, while others start to live like a starving "ghost" after they paid the Double 11 balance... yes, “ghosts” are haunted everywhere at Halloween season!


So when Halloween comes to 3D printing, what are some of the most unique ways to present it?


On August 16, eSUN launched the esun Halloween 3D printing contest, soliciting outstanding prints from 3D printing enthusiasts around the world. We have received many excellent entries for the past two months. After being rated by specially invited judges and eSUN fans, the winning entries of this contest will now be officially announced!


I. The first prize



Print by:@Phil Vidamour

Print with eSUN Standard Resin


II.  Second prize 



Print by @Ushi Gyuniku

Print with eSUN PLA+ filament


III. Third Prize


Print by @Alain Kramer

Print with eSUN PLA+ filament



Print by @Sadiq AlKubaish

Print with eSUN PLA+ filament



Print by @Michael Stones

Print with eSUN PLA+ filament


Fans choice


Print by @Robert Brown


Halloween can be scary or cute, with flexible styles. We can achieve all kinds of possibilities with 3D printing. Based on the above award-winning works, we can tell that creativity is crucial, and excellent post-processing can also be critical! The Fans choice Award is influenced by the hit "Squid Game", which is aroused lots attentions and got the luck of the "choice of the day"~


Let’s give our warm congrats to all the winners and thank all contestants for their active participation. eSUN Halloween 3D Printing Contest has come to a successful close. We are look forward to seeing more outstanding creative works in the next event~


Ps:If you want to know more s, please follow the eSUN official facebook account.


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