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eSUN participated the formulation of two national standards


On 26th December, two national standards related to biodegradable plastic were released and will take effect since 1th June, 2022. One is the GB/T 41010-2021 Degradation Property and Identification Requirements for Biodegradable Plastic and Products, the other is GB/T 41008-2021 Biodegradable Drinking Straws


Shenzhen Guanghua Weiye Co., LTD participated the drafting process of the two national standards.




the two standards

As for the GB/T 41010-2021 Degradation Property and Identification Requirements for Biodegradable Plastic and Products, it focus on production, use, and supervision requirements for biodegradable plastic and products and also combines features of them. Referring to international organizations and national regulation and standards, the standard defines some terms such as biodegradation and biodegradation ratio and stipulates the degradation property and label requirements and inspection methods as well.


As for GB/T 41008-2021 Biodegradable Drinking Straws, the national standard regulates the terms, definition, and classifications of biodegradable drinking straws and also stipulates the technical requirements, testing methods, and requirements for packaging, label, carriage and storage.


The further implementation of global plastic -ban and limits policy leads to the much more needs for biodegradable plastic in society. Regulating the production, inspection and other standards of biodegradable plastic and products is beneficial for accelerating the normal development of biodegradable products industry. Therefore, stable and reliable experience is available to customers during industry revolution.


 About esun

Shenzhen Guanghua Weiye Co., LTD( brand: eSUN) is one of the earliest enterprisers involved in biodegradable industries. Through research and development and accumulation over years, eSUN has rather rich and mature experience in biodegradable materials, modification materials and application fields


eSUN products samples






As shown above, eSUN biodegradable materials and modified products has good performance and various application scenarios, satisfying the needs of current market. Meanwhile, eSUN keeps trying to upgrade products according to requirements of customers.

Take straw material for example, based on the original straw product(number: 8042H), eSUN launches the new post-crystalline pipette(number: 8254H), better meeting the different needs of customers. Later, we will give a detailed introduction about the features and advantages of the new products. Stay tuned!

As the first batch of national green manufacturing system demonstration enterprises, eSUN is listed as the key support enterprise of Hubei province plastic-ban, “Meituan TakeOut Qingshan Plan first batch of degradable plastic packaging” recommended enterprise. And eSUN products have obtained many biodegradable certificates at home and abroad such as DIN certificate and BPI certificate.


With the population of plastic-ban policy at home and abroad, the biodegradable materials and products will be applied in more fields.


 About eSUN

Research on the modification and processing of biodegradable materials, and provide one-step technical service programs such as equipment,raw materials and processing technology. 



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