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Upgrade again! eSUN factory capacity in Vietnam continues to expand.


 Good news for eSUN’s expansion of production capacity!


Upgrade again! Focusing on the development of the global 3D printing industry, eSUN has added more production lines and increased the production and storage capacity of its Vietnam factory in the Asia-pacific region. This will enable eSUN to better meet the needs of the global market and promote its global distribution.






Picture|eSUN’s Vietnam factory


eSUN’s Vietnam factory officially opened in November 2019. Adhering to the concept of green manufacturing,the factory has introduced advanced manufacturing systems. In the production, we pursue fine management,pay attention to the recycling and recovery of resources, maximizing the use of resources. At present, the annual production capacity of the plant has reached 1500 tons, which can further meet the market demand.


Since 2020,production capacity expansion is one of eSUN’s invariable keywords. Form the construction of 10000 tons/year 3D printing filaments in Xiaogan factory to the increase of production capacity in Vietnam factory, the stable supply capacity of eSUN has been strongly guaranteed.




With the 3D printing industry from the exploration period into the growth period, 3D printing materials will have more room of development. Therefore, accelerating the release of production capacity will be the next stage of eSUN.Currently, ESUN Investment INC, a wholly overseas-owned company founded by eSUN, focuses on the U.S. market. In Europe,there are warehouses in the UK and Rotterdam in Netherlands. And the investment to build a factory in Europe is under way. This is the result of eSUN’s global business expansion. In the future,eSUN will strength multilateral cooperation to build a broader global production and sales network!


Picture|eSUN’s warehouse in Los Angeles,USA



Picture|eSUN’s warehouse in Rotterdam,Netherlands


Site selection and building project in South America will start soon!


In the next stage, eSUN will officially launch the site selection and building project in South America to better serve the America market and increase production and sales capabilities. At the same time, we sincerely look forward to working with organizations and individuals who are interested with us to promote the development of the global 3D printing industry!


Through years of hard and soft power accumulation, eSUN brand in the global market has received a lot of praise. In terms of products, nearly 100 kinds of 3D printing materials with excellent performance and different characteristics have a wide range of applications. In marketing, we have initially built up a full-scale marketing system which covers domestic and international, offline and online, to promote the development of global 3D printing market! In the offline market, we have more than 50 agents to sell our product to more than 100 countries and regions. On the online market,we open sales channels on TMALL, Amazon, AliExpress, Shopify and other e-commerce platforms to meet customers’ demands anytime and anywhere.


The industry has great potential for development. eSUN will always be committed to providing better products and services for the global 3D printing users! we also look forward to more challenges and cooperation in the future!



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