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eSUN was invited to participate in the Hubei Province-Latin America and the Caribbean Cooperation and Exchange Conference to promote cooperation and development together


On the morning of April 28, 2021, the Hubei Province-Latin American and Caribbean Countries Cooperation and Exchange Conference was successfully held in Wuhan. "Gather the heroes of Hubei and join hands with Latin America to compose a new chapter." Zhao Haishan, Vice Governor of the People’s Government of Hubei Province, Cai Wei, Director of the Department of Latin America and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, representatives of Latin American and Caribbean countries in China, and nearly 300 representatives from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hubei Provincial Departments, Municipal Council for the Promotion of International Trade, industry associations, enterprises and media People attend the meeting.


Picture | Group photo of the participants (Picture Source People’s Daily)




Picture | The scene of the exchange meeting


Looking back, Hubei has a long history of cooperation with Latin American and Caribbean countries and has a solid foundation. At this event, the representatives of Latin American and Caribbean countries in China also repeatedly emphasized that they will further strengthen exchanges and cooperation with Hubei in various fields such as trade, investment, science and technology, and fully support the promotion of cooperation to a higher level, sharing development opportunities, and benefiting People in both places.


At this cooperation and exchange meeting, more than 70 leading companies and industry association representatives from various industries participated in the forum, allowing participating companies to fully understand the economic and trade market needs of Latin America and the Caribbean countries, which will help promote friendly cooperation between the two sides. At the same time, during the exchange meeting, a small-scale exhibition with the theme of "Appreciating the Charm of Hubei, and Embracing Latin American Style" has been held. The embassies and offices of 21 countries in China brought special products and promotional materials from various countries. There are 24 agricultural enterprises in 9 cities and prefectures in our province, including agricultural food, equipment manufacturing, 3D printing, biotechnology, new retail, and medical care. Companies such as protective materials also exhibited their respective star products.







eSUN is a leading global 3D printing materials brand and a well-known brand of biomaterials. Its products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions. It has had many business contacts with Latin American and Caribbean countries before and is invited to participate in this cooperation and exchange meeting.


At the scene, the staff of eSUN received a number of Chinese and foreign friends and explained in detail eSUN's various star products, such as 3D printing filaments, biodegradable materials, modified materials and products.



Picture | Chinese and foreign friends visit eSUN booth


At the same time, Mr. Zuo Mingxin, Chairman of the Hubei Branch of Xiaogan City of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, also visited the booth of eSUN.

eSUN booth

Picture | eSUN booth


In recent years, the 3D printing industry has developed rapidly and is widely used in consumer and industrial fields. Among them, the depth and breadth of application in professional fields have been greatly improved. Accompanying it is the deep demand for 3D printing materials. Excellent materials with various properties help realize more application possibilities. Relying on the advantages in the professional field, the eSUN brand is widely favored around the world.


On the other hand, with the promotion of bans and restrictions on plastics around the world, biomaterials have become a “hot spot”, and replacing traditional plastics with degradable environmentally friendly materials will be an inevitable trend for sustainable and healthy development.


Part of eSUN product display:


1.3D printing filament

3D printing filament


2. 3D Printing Resin

3D Printing Resin


3. Biodegradable coating products


4. Biodegradable film products


5. Biodegradable straw products


6. Biodegradable injection molded products



Over the years, eSUN has taken biomaterials as its core, and has gradually explored mature applications in four directions, including biomedicine, 3D printing, ecological textiles and packaging, and environmentally friendly tableware. Among them, environmentally friendly 3D printing materials are sold at home and abroad due to their excellent performance, and are widely welcomed by users in the international 3D printing industry.


Focusing on the development trend of the global industry, eSUN has always adhered to the globalization strategy. Established a factory in Vietnam and completed the expansion of production capacity this year; the established overseas wholly-owned company "ESUN Investment INC" mainly develops the US market; in Europe, it has set up cargo warehouses in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, and is implementing European investment and construction of factories matters. This is a phased achievement of eSUN's global business expansion. In the future, eSUN will cooperate with more parties to build a broader global production and sales network!


In eSUN's global layout strategy, the South American market is also a vital part. In addition to finding suitable agents in various countries, in order to ensure a stable supply capacity for industry users in South America, eSUN is about to start the South American factory building project. We sincerely welcome interested organizations and individuals to contact us for cooperation and promote development together!


Group photo of eSUN representatives

Picture | Group photo of eSUN representatives


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