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eSUN helps overseas epidemic prevention with 3D printing!


With the joint efforts of the people across the country, the situation of domestic epidemic prevention and control continues to improve, but  overseas it has spread ferociously. Until April 3rd, the number of newly diagnosed in countries outside China has exceeded 850,000 cases, global protective materials continue to be urgent, and many countries are even hard to find a mask.


As a 3D printing company in China, eSUN has a deep national mission and humanitarian spirit and has been paying close attention to overseas markets. Just as everyone reached out to help other countries to donate anti-epidemic materials, eSUN also used its recent experience in helping the frontline of domestic epidemic warfare and printing anti-epidemic material assistance to solicit needs from overseas partners.



 United Kingdom

 Community of human destiny

当eSUN易生与英国合作伙伴iMakr沟通援助需求时,iMakr表达了万分感谢!随后,eSUN易生通过各部门协调,紧急采购了1000个医用口罩及准备了100个3D打印的eFree耳轻松,辗转万里送往英国。When eSUN communicated with the British partner iMakr for assistance needs, iMakr expressed its gratitude. Subsequently, through coordination with various departments, eSUN urgently procured 1,000 medical masks and prepared 100 pairs of 3D printed eFree.



On the donated materials, a sentence was carefully printed: "We are one world". Although the distance is far, we are in the same world.



 Resonate with the epidemic

As early as the outbreak in China, eSUN's efforts to fight the "epidemic" deeply infected Eugene, the head of a 3D printing team of American fans.

Eugene said that what eSUN has done is great! Now that the US epidemic is severe, Eugene also hopes that his 3D printing technology will be useful. So he took the initiative to contact eSUN and showed the team behind the strength of 30 printers working at the same time.


After learning that the Eugene team wanted to print masks for the frontline medical staff, eSUN immediately promised to provide the team with PLA+ filaments for printing 2,000 masks for free.




 Trust makes us go all out

William, an eSUN partner from Canada, also made masks in 3D printing to help the country fight the epidemic.


Similar to the production of the Eugene tea, William uses PLA filaments. This is a biological material refined from corn grains. It is hard and high in rigidity. It can meet the strength and bending requirements of the mask during the wearing process. It is non-toxic and tasteless during the printing process.



eSUN donated PLA + filaments to Canadian partner William, which can print 3000 protective masks.




 Work together

eSUN Spanish partner Felipe also uses 3D printing technology to make anti-epidemic masks.


After understanding that Felipe prints with eSUN PETG, eSUN is willing to provide Felipe with PETG for printing 1,000 masks for free.


eSUN PETG are highly hydrophobic, with outstanding toughness and high impact strength. The mask printed is comfort to wear and is indeed applicable to mass production.



 Help each other

Mario, an eSUN partner in Uruguay, also told eSUN about the current efforts of their team, that they have donated some 3D printing related epidemic prevention materials to the local area. In order to assist Uruguay, eSUN sponsors Mario, and is willing to do everything in its power to help the team to print anti-epidemic materials during the epidemic.


At present, Mario and his partners are working hard with 3D printers for the production of 3D printing masks. Once sufficient quantities are completed, they will be donated to the hospitals in need.





Love has temperature

 Indonesian partner James is also using eSUN 3D printing filaments to make epidemic protection products. In addition to printing accessories for epidemic prevention masks, an electronic thermometer gun was also independently designed.


eSUN is actively helping James with 3D printing filaments that can make 2500 protective masks.


Even there are thousands of miles apart, we are in the same boat! Next, eSUN will continue to help support the aid operations in Italy, Germany, France, Greece, Romania, Mexico, Vietnam, Thailand and other epidemic areas.


In this special period, eSUN adheres to the concept of the community of global destiny and actively participates in the global anti-epidemic assistance. We urgently purchase masks, strengthen the connection between production and sales, and prepare for the coordinated transportation of goods on the one hand; and pay close attention to the communication between our partners and strengthen cooperation and support on the other hand. At the moment of crisis, we would like to do our best to go hand in hand with overseas partners and fans to fight against the epidemic situation, fully demonstrating the responsibility as a global enterprise.

eSUN will continue to pay attention to the global epidemic

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