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PLA/PBAT Compatibilizer EsunBio5004K





 Compatibilizer  EsunBio5004K




1、Degradable materials, low carbon environmental protection;


2、Good compatibility with the material matrix;


3、Good processing performance, wide processing range, easy for molding, constant outlet, short cooling cycle, rapid mould, easy demoulding;


4Good surface gloss;


5、Low shrinkage, good stable dimension, Strong anti-warping ability.




 Application examples


ESUN The PLA/PBAT Compatibilizer EsunBio5004K Mainly used in PLA and PBAT compatibilization modification, not only can improve the interface strength between PBAT and PLA, but also can be used for PLA filling, PLA plus glass fiber, etc., can improve the bonding strength between filler and PLA, and improve compatibility. At the same time, the material itself has a significant toughening effect on PLA and does not affect PLA degradability. Can be used for plastic film, injection molding plastics, etc.





Research on the modification and processing of biodegradable materials, and provide one-step technical servicf programs such as equipment, raw materials and proessing technology.





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