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Spring has come! eSUN Wuhan Marketing Center is back to work ~


With spring coming, Wuhan is awakened.


On March 30th, the office building was reopened after two months of closing, and eSUN Wuhan marketing center has officially returned to work!



在继深圳、孝感等地eSUN易生复工后,身处武汉的eSUN易生同事也终于结束了两个月的远程网络办公,按照分批错峰到岗的原则陆续返岗,有序恢复工作秩序。After eSUN Shenzhen and Xiaogan resumed work, eSUN colleagues in Wuhan finally ended the two-month remote network office and returned to work one after another in batches.



 Implement emergency plans for epidemic prevention and control


In the early stage of resumption of work, eSUN administration department organized an online meeting to publicize and implement the emergency plan for epidemic prevention and control to ensure that every employee is familiar with the measures, and at the same time seriously deploy epidemic prevention and control and resumption work.

The emergency plan for epidemic prevention and control in Wuhan marketing center prepared by eSUN administration department



To ensure a safe work resumption

On the first day of resumption of work, the company set up checkpoints at the main entrance. Before entering or leaving the office, all employees must perform on-site temperature testing and health information registration, and keep a healthy punch card online. The company will distribute medical masks, hand sanitizers, disinfectant reagents and other epidemic prevention materials to build an epidemic prevention wall.



 Check-in and sign-out location of eSUN office



Preparation of anti-epidemic materials


Epidemic prevention to guarantee health

Special personnel are required to arrange full disinfection of the office area and living area twice a day and make a record to ensure the epidemic prevention. In order to reduce the inconvenience for employees, the company also uniformly orders lunch for employees. It is forbidden to talk, and it’s required to keep windows open to ensure ventilation.


 Arrange daily lunch for employees


Thanks to Mr. Xu for sharing the fruits, supplementing Vitamin C to enhance immunity!


 Behind the resumption of work is the persistence of eSUN


 eSUN conveys warmth with action. Everyone is united and cooperate to complete the epidemic assistance work. Here, I would like to thank the Warriors who have resumed work in the Wuhan marketing center. Let us work together to welcome a better future!


With eSUN’s resumption of work, we will continue to uphold the corporate spirit of "integrity, innovation, dedication", adhere to the prevention and control of epidemic disease on the one hand, and resume production on the other hand, take the social responsibility to help the recovery of social economic and social development!


During this special period, if you have any questions, please contact us!



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