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eSUN Donation for fighting COVID-19 | Thanks for your help!


In the early days of the domestic epidemic, eSUN organized an online campaign to collect 3D printed masks to assist Xiaogan, Hubei.

The original intention of this event stems from eSUN's desire to use its 3D printing advantages to the best of its ability to empower epidemic prevention. Earlier, eSUN advocated that makers from all walks of life use 3D printing filaments (such as PLA) for mask printing, and eSUN will also return corresponding materials for these who help.



After some time, eSUN has received calls from enthusiastic enterprises and caring people in the community, asking for details. Immediately, everyone united and selected an open source file mask model released by Platform Nanjixiong and launch printing work with full force.


According to statistics, eSUN received a total of 500 sets of adult and children's masks and 550 mask buckles printed by enthusiastic companies and caring people.


Here, eSUN expresses thanks to every caring maker and enterprise who cares about the epidemic prevention and control of Xiaogan, Hubei! It is your selfless help that has brought strong confidence and motivation into eSUN's anti-epidemic assistance work.

List of makers and companies participating in eSUN event


On March 24th, eSUN actively contacted the Xiaogan Epidemic Prevention Headquarters, hoping to donate this batch of loving anti-epidemic materials and a new batch of eFree ears made by eSUN independently. It was arranged by the Xiaogan Epidemic Prevention Headquarters and distributed to the protest front Person or unit.

Representatives of Xiaogan Epidemic Prevention Headquarters received eSUN donations for epidemic prevention


eSUN teaches how to wear eFree ’ 


It is eSUN's social responsibility to transform corporate advantages into a powerful force to fight the epidemic.


Until now, eSUN has given away approximately 3,600 eFree, 500 sets of adult and children's 3D printed masks, and 100 pairs of 3D printed insoles for free, supported anti-epidemic operations organized by hospitals and units including Xiaogan Epidemic Prevention Headquarters, Wuhan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Seventh Affiliated Hospital of Sun Yat-sen University, Zhujiang Hospital Affiliated to Southern Medical University, Guangdong Work Injury Rehabilitation Hospital, Shenzhen Pingle Orthopedic Hospital, Shenzhen Bantian Hospital .


Today, COVID-19 continues to spread around the world. In this war without gunpowder, the world needs mutual benefit and mutual assistance. Therefore, eSUN's self-designed 3D printed masks, eFree and other open source files are now free and open for sharing. Global 3D printing users can search 'eSUN' on major social platforms.

We hope that every 3D printing maker can protect himself and have more time and energy to play with 3D printing idea and even can participate in 3D printing anti-epidemic assistance. We will continue to help to support overseas (US, Italy, South Korea, Indonesia, etc.)

eSUN will continue to pay attention to the epidemic

We are one world!


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