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Heat-resistant Grade Biodegradable Injection Material eSunBio3464H


Heat-resistant Grade Biodegradable  Injection Material eSunBio3464H


1、 Properties
Biobased, low-carbon environment, renewable resources, non-peltroleum material which saving oil resources;

High heat resistance and excellent mechanical properties;

Good processing performance, wide processing range, easy for molding, constant outlet, short cooling cycle, rapid mould, easy demoulding;

Good surface gloss;

Low shrinkage, good stable dimension, Strong anti-warping ability.


2、  Application 

The Heat-resistant Grade Biodegradable Injection Material eSunBio3464H is mainly used in general injection molding methods can be used for heat-resistant tableware, injection molding products, such as: bowl, cup, plate, knife, fork, spoon, etc.

 Application examples 


3、  Injection process 

1)   Pretreatment of the material 

Generally speaking, it is not necessary for drying process, but if it is in damp circumstance, it need for drying treatment. Drying temperature: 80-100° C, drying time:2- 4 hours.


2)   Injection parameters 

In the process of processing, the processing temperature should be strictly controlled.

Blow molding temperature: 160-190 ° C(under special condition, may control the temperature at 200° C)

Injection pressure: 20-120Mpa

Injection time: 2-4s

cooling time: 8s-20s.

mold temperature: less than 50 ℃, conducive to fast molding products.

When in-mold crystallization, the mold temperature should be controlled at 100-120 ° C.


3) Treatment after processing

No need for after treatment, However, some of the more demanding products can be placed in water at 80 ° C -100 ° C or infrared heat treatment (out of mold crystallization), the time is about 3min, or can be heat treated in the mold at 100 ° C -120 ° C or in the oven 2-3 min, the heat distortion temperature of the treated product can reach above 100 °C, and other mechanical properties will be better.

Note: The above processing index is only for product processing reference, special processing technology needs to adjust accroding to products, molds and equipments.

Keep away from sources of ignition, placed in ventilated, dry and dark circumstance. Keep it under 50℃ and humidity less than 80% for long-term storage.

Research on the modification and processing of biodegradable materials, and provide one-step technical servicf programs such as equipment, raw materials and proessing technology.

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