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Biodegradable film blowing materials eSunBio4421C


Biodegradable film grade PLA eSunBio4421C

Product Introduction:
Thebiodegradable film blowning material is a kind of alloy material based onbiological material. It can be used for blowing film to make all kinds ofpackaging products.



It is suitable for ordinary LDPE film blowing equipment;
Easy to blow film, good processing performance;
The film made of this material has good flexibility and tensile property.


Quick details


3、Application examples 

The film made with modified film grade PLA  can be used to make below products:

Bags: shopping bags, packaging bags, storage bags, garbage bags, rolling bags and etc;

Disposable products: disposable gloves, tablecloths, aprons, raincoats.


  Note: The above technical parameters are typical performance indicators, not specific product quality assurance.


5、Blow molding process 

1) Pretreatment of the material  

Generally speaking, it is not necessary for drying process, but if it is in damp circumstance, it need for drying treatment. Drying temperature: 65° C, drying time: 4 hours.


2) Process parameters

In the process of processing, the processing temperature should be strictly controlled.

Blow molding temperature: 150-180 ° C

Blown film thickness: 0.02-0.08 mm

Screw rotation speed: 30-80 RPM

Inflation ratio: 2-4

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