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Evolving edition! New dual and multi extrusion Low-Poly Pokemon


Recently, the most popular Fantastic Beasts goes to Pokemon seires!


Hot AR game app Pokemon Go allows game players to capture and parenting magic beasts in the real world. You could see more and more streets crowed with the Pokemon enthusiasts, walking and searching. Agustin Flowalistik, a French graphic and product designer who fell in love with 3D printing and open-source three years ago. He is the original designer of 3d printing Low-Poly Pokemon series. And his collaborations with 3D Hubs to celebrate the Pokemon 20th Anniversary were a real big success.


The dual extrusion Low-Poly Pokemon is designed to show all the possibilities of dual and multi extrusion 3D Printers, such as latest Ultimaker3. It doesn't need support material, infill or prime tower. eSUN was very glad to take part in and bring this colorful series with you. 

Dual color Low-Poly Squirtle, Bulbasaur, Charmander

Multi extrusion Low-Poly Squirtle

Mixing color Low-poly Lapras printed with eSUN light blue PLA

eSUN Light Blue PLA

Dual extrusion Pikachu

Bronze Low-poly Squirtle



Find more and download the files below: