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Biodegradable toughening special masterbatch


Biodegradable toughening special masterbatch



1. Properties

100% bio-based, safe, hygienic, environmentally friendly, fully degradable, in accordance with EN13432 and ASTM D6400 standards;

Good molding performance, can adapt to injection molding, and extrude various molding methods.

Excellent toughness and dispersibility, which can be used to toughen and fill PLA, and solve the problem of brittleness of PLA.



2. Data sheet

Toughening modification in the fields of sheet, injection molding, blown film, extrusion, etc., the recommended addition amount is 10%-30%.


3. Processing and storage

1. Processing: Drying conditions: 85 ℃ * 2 h

2. Extrusion temperature (Temp): 165-185 ° C

3. Store: Store at room temperature, dry, sealed



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