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Pay honor to Star Wars! Cilly Cilindro printed PLA+ classic blaster guns


Star Wars series has always been the top North American commercial blockbusters, also the love of science geeks and animation indoorsman.


As a science fiction classic top IP, Star Wars affected several generations of people. Regarding   George Lucas film as the core, combining novels, comic books, series and other derivative works, it has build "a distant galaxy".


Whether you are a star wars fan, or you don't know enough about star wars, these 3D printing models from Cilly Cilindro with eSUN PLA+ will sure arouse your love! 


3D printed Star Wars Blaster E11 Stormtrooper 


Black version of the DL-44 Han Solo blaster

Rey's NN-14 blaster pistol from STAR WARS : episode VII The force awakens


eSUN’s PLA+ filament has been one of the most hot sale filament in the market for a long time. With more than 10 times toughness and better glossiness

 you will have no wiredrawing problems boring you, and the surface of printings will be smoother and more delicate.