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CoKreeate creative PLA+ mini 3D printing series


CoKreeate mainly provides clients with customized 3D scan and printing services, although it’s a small company, many people know its innovative ideas and reputation! One of the most famous service exclusively offered by coKreeate is their mini 3D print celebrity portrait series.

Mini portrait of famous talk show host - Larry King

Ivy Doomkitty cosplayer scan portrait

  eSUN always provides high quality 3D printing filament to customers, it has successfully developed PLA, ABS, PVA (water-soluble support material), PC, HIPS, and other conductive nylon 3D printing materials. By selling products at home and abroad, it has become the largest domestic exporter of 3D printing consumables.

Recently, eSUN and CoKreeate CEO Will had a pleasant talk, they decided to experience our latest PLA+ filament. After dozens of hours printing, they created a series of sophisticated models. The entire printing process was very smooth and tender which fully indicated the PLA+’ good gloss, transparency and toughness feature and its super high quality! A lot of eSUN fans showed their supports on the instagram!

Mini Castle as big as a coke can