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eSUN bring you different vision of 2016 ADIPEC


ADIPEC-Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference was held at NATIONAL EXHIBITION CENTRE-UAE on 7-10 November with a successful ending. 
Founded in 1984, the faire has been the largest professional event in middle-east and top three largestPetroleum Exhibition worldwide. Many newest product, technology and services in oil and natural gas fields were shown on this stage every two years.
eSUN, an Innovator in the field of Green biological materials attended the show, took their latest research and a series of environmentally friendly  material including Polycaprolactone, Polyol Products, Lactate ester and PLA related products to discuss the development and application of green biodegradable material with world’s leading experts
ADIPEC attracted lots of people 
eSUN, an Innovator in the field of Green biological materials
Kevin Yang, CEO of eSUN, is answering questions of the customer 
Lisa Liu of eSUN is taking photos with clients
Kevin Yang, CEO of eSUN is taking pictures with clients
Nice picture of eSUN’s sales Lisa Liu
Let’s go together and look around Dubai– this luxury and magic country.
Dubai is the world's tallest building - Harry Khalifa
Tower located in the United Arab Emirates, Dubai, has 162 floors, total height is 828 meters, 310 meters higher than Taipei 101 tower.
BurjAl-Arab hotel, also known as the "Arabia star", is the most luxurious hotel in the world, and world’s first seven star hotel, it has a very special atmosphere.
Jumeira Mosque is one of the largest and most beautiful mosques in Dubai, also a landmark of traditional Dubai architecture. 
Try to feel the blue sea and clear sky in Dubai