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Shenzhen female maker - who lead the fashion of China 3D printing


Do you still remember the Shenzhen female maker Sexyborg? She is a girl that not only has cute face, beautiful figure but also high-tech skills.

She made DIY Underlit LED (Hikaru) Skirt and DIY LED Shoe combining RGB LEDs, programming and 3d printing, soon became quite popular on imgur and twitter.

Her new project was inspired by the experience with Make Magazine. While she is a huge fan the magazine has a pretty serious dress code for women appearing in the print edition- they have not shown a female midriff in eight years.

This has made it difficult for the current generation of young female Makers who work on Wearables, Cosplay and Fashion Tech to have their work acknowledged. So, this creative Maker girl hit Fashion Night with this "Blinkini" at the Shenzhen Maker Faire show! She thanks eSUN for the emergency delivery of that black ABS! 

She also made some cute hair clips and little screwless no-hardware 3D printable vice. “Printed at .3mm, three perimeters, three top/bottom layers and 50% infill is more than strong enough. I used eSUN ABS but I'm going to try some of their PLA+ since it's supposed to be tougher”, she said.