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Officially on sale! eSUN corn fiber comforter will bring you a new experience of cozy sleep


We spend about 1/3 of our lives sleeping,however, our sweet dreams are always disturbed by mites.


eSUN corn fiber health comforter is made of biomaterial polylactic acid (PLA), which is naturally antibacterial and anti-mite. It can provide you with a new experience of healthy sleep.





Corn Fiber Introduction:

Corn fiber, also known as polylactic acid fiber, is obtained from corn and other crops containing starch, then spun by modern biological fermentation technology and specialized polymerization reactions. Various products are made of this fiber can be completely degraded into water and carbon dioxide after being discarded. Therefore, it was recognized as low-carbon material and a fiber material with great development prospects in the 21st century.




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What are the features and benefits of corn fiber comforter?


1. The material is filling, fabricating and sewing with 100% PLA fiber, which is ecological and natural, silky and shiny. Not only provide green ecology, but also healthy sleep.




2. It is gentle to the skin and has good compatibility. The surface of the polylactic acid fiber is weak of lactic acid. Lactic acid is an endogenous substance of the human body. The PH of the fiber is almost the same as that of the human body. Also non-allergenic, naturally antibacterial and anti-mite.




3. Low moisture regain, fluffy and warm





Corn fiber comforter has lower moisture regain and thermal conductivity than cotton comforter. Added aerogel which makes it soft and warm, smooth and breathable, moisture-conducting and quick-drying. It can be used without a comforter cover, especially suitable for whoever is in rainy, humid and coastal areas.


4. It is dirt-resistant and can be washed directly. Small stains can be scrubbed and dried with a neutral detergent. The whole comforter can be machine washed, dried at low temperature. However, it cannot be ironed or bleached with chlorine.




5.The comforter has low carbon consumption, which can protect the environment, support recycling and reuse.



eSUN has mastered the industrialization technology and recycling technology of polylactic acid. Products based on PLA can be recycled and reused, and polylactic acid can be recovered to obtain lactate, which can be used to produce a variety of "double-high" lactate to achieve a green circular economy.


When customers want to replace the comforter in the future, they can send it to us for recycling. We will offer a certain amount of vouchers as an exchange. Unrecyclable comforters can also be degraded under composting conditions without polluted environment. The comforter will not degrade after 5-10 years of daily use for sure. There should be no worries about that.


6. Cost-effective



Corn fiber is softer, fluffier and warmer than silk comforter, and has more advantages in price as well; Filter packaging will also bring a more convenient experience to users.


The corn fiber comforter has been officially launched. You are more than welcome to scan the QR code below and start a new experience of healthy sleep.




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