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eSUN PLA coated paper get the EU EN13432 compostable and degradable certification


On March 14th, the PLA coated paper developed and produced by eSUN has successfully passed the compost degradation test and certification of DIN CERTCO (German Standards Association Certification Center).


The report shows that eSUN PLA coated paper meets the compostable and degradable plastic standards implemented by the European Union, such as chemical substance restriction, disintegration performance, and biodegradation performance. With the DIN CERTCO certified, eSUN PLA coated paper can be circulated and used in all EU countries.




About DIN certification:

DIN CERTCO is a biodegradable material certification scheme initiated by the German Standards Association Certification Center (DIN CERTCO) and the European Biodegradable Materials Association (IBAW). Compostable plastic products that pass this certification will be identified by a unique marking.

DIN certification mark:


Industrial Compostable DINGeprüft logo(1)

Industrial Composting Signs:


Seedling mark logo



About eSUN PLA coated paper




eSUN PLA coated paper is a combination of food-grade PLA (polylactic acid) and paper. It is biodegradable, meets the requirements of the plastic ban and plastic restriction, and conforms to the concept of green development.


Features of eSUN coated paper:

Excellent stiffness performance; healthy and environmentally friendly, non-toxic and degradable, and can be in direct contact with food; waterproof, oil-proof, heat-insulating, mildew-proof, antibacterial, and breathable; printable, and can be combined with other environmentally friendly materials to make it have other additional functions.


eSUN PLA coating material, coating paper and its application examples:

纸杯 2-2


eSUN self-produced coating materials and coated paper support the customization of coated paper cups/paper bowls of various sizes and specifications. Interested users are welcome to consult and reach cooperation!