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SFMototype Prototype Challenge Highlights


The winners of the SFMototype Prototype Challenge were formally announced on October 22nd, at SFMoto in San Francisco. The event which centered on transforming ideas into reality, explores the possible applications of 3D printing in the motorcycling industry. Running for 42 days, we eagerly awaited the awarding ceremony to see the different motorcycle parts. 

Ideas were submitted by participants across the country which then were rendered into 3D models by You3DIT and then printed by Type A Machine Series 1 Pro and sure our eSUN’s high strength PETG and other filament from Breathe-3DP and Cubicity— and yes, they were impressive.

Daniel Lim, winner of Best Full Prototype and his prize Kawasaki Z125 motorcycle

High strength PETG from eSUN

SFMototype Prototype Challenge panel discussion

3D printing or additive manufacturing opens up a lot of opportunities to change and improve the process of making. Now, they are also looking at the impact the technology can have in the motorcycling accessories world and SFMototype has definitely added something significant to the conversation.

The sketches turned prototypes were proofs that indeed, 3D printing has the potential to affect the way manufacturers, distributors, and even bike owners.

Below are some of the photos of the winning entries.

Best Full Prototype for Kawasaki Z125 -By DANIEL LIM

Kawasaki Z125 motorcycle Custom Mount: This item clamps on the handle bar and has interchangeable parts for connecting gadgets such as phones, cameras, or speakers.

Best Design using Autodesk Fusion360 Popular Vote By Diego Rivas

Best Design: Vespa GS Windscreen. The windscreen also won an award at the 12th edition of the Giro di California, a vintage motorcycle rally, in Carmel Valley.

Best Sketch Popular Vote  By Tess Hatch

According to SFMoto and You3Dit, organizers of SFMototype, over 40 participants submitted their sketches online and were considered for the three categories: Best Sketch, Best Design, and Best Full Prototype. It must have been a challenge to choose the winners and we,

eSUN, are proud to be part in making those innovative ideas come to life. We are also proud to share that our PETG filament performed well for challenge as it showcased its capabilities and high performance in the 3D filament market.