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Autumn Decoration, eSUN and 3D printing is a perfect match ~


Follow eSUN asap to get more ideas of your Autumn decoration!

Autumn is coming, which means Halloween, Christmas, New year's day and a series of festival is about to come soon!

Thus, We excitingly bring you Jamie K. 3D print series all made by eSUN’s filament, maybe you could be inspired!

eSUN colorful PETG printing series:

Cute Teddy Bear

Pac-man is one of the most popular game of our childhood, Jamie uses PETG of eSUN to create the major character and the little monsters. The series has right color and smooth surface, 4 colorful teddy bear are also very cute.

Little Pac-man 

eSUN’s PETG is applicable for using in the field of home appliances, toys and electronics accessories, it has non-toxic, no smell, high toughness, transparency and high gloss features.

Airplane model series :

Saturn V rocket I

If you are a fan of Star Trek, you must be familiar with this below Voyager starship! Jamie used our PETG to make the Saturn 5 rocket and Voyager, details and structure are perfect.

Star Trek Voyager starship

This eSUN upgraded PLA+ material has 10 times toughness than traditional PLA, and you can never have cracking problem!

Finally, as a symbol of Halloween, Pumpkin light is a must thing to print!