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eSUN's innovative 3D printing filaments and the applications surprised whole audience in TCT Asia 2021!


On the afternoon of May 28, the three-day exhibition of 3D printing and additive manufacturing in 2021 was successfully concluded. The show, which brought together more than 250 3D printers, caught the audience by surprise. There is no doubt that this is a feast for the 3D printing industry. Many innovative achievements of the industry are on display at this exhibition. New technologies, new machines, new materials and new applications have brought numerous surprises to the audiences.


 Part of the exhibition in TCT Asia 2021




As the world's leading brand of 3D printing materials, eSUN's participation in the exhibition, with different performance and appearance of 3D printing materials and applications display, attracted many fans to consult, the booth scene is very lively! Those who have not been to the fair or want to review the fair again can follow the editor and resume the wonderful moments of these days!


 Part of eSUN’s exhibition in TCT Asia 2021


01 Display of 3D printing filaments


In this exhibition, eSUN has general filament display area, industrial filament display area, general resin display area, dental and jewelry resin display area, etc. . New products and key products such as light PLA, silk PLA has another special area to show the appearance of materials and application models. In addition, we have set up a special display area of SOLVAY and LUVOCOM 3F engineering filaments and printing models for the fast-developing industrial 3D printing market, which is convenient for customers to view the exhibition efficiently.


eSUN's booth and products display:














02 iSUN3D Custom orthotic insole system


In addition, 3D medical as a major business segment of eSUN, our representative products iSUN3D custom orthotic insole system and low-temperature thermoplastic plate products have also appeared in TCT Asia 2021. Many audiences participated in the scene experience, enhanced to the foot health understanding.





03 Animation handmade models coloring live show


In addition, according to eSUN's research in various channels, fans are interested in 3d printing on handmade models coloring. In order to enhance the variety of the exhibition content and provide a better experience for the visitors, we have invited the well-known team Element Studio --- the senior coloring team represented by Moxing to give a two-day practical demonstration on the spot, attracted a lot of audience to stop and watch, share and communicate!


上色区 (3)



04 Live lucky draw


TCT Asia 2021, for exhibitors, is a great opportunity to meet with fans face-to-face, conducive to get more valuable opinions and suggestions in our communication. In order to thank all the fans for their support, we also carefully prepared a lot of welfare, such as the exhibition live lucky draw, live raffle, t-mall flagship store raffle and so on!


Grand occasion of the lucky draw and photo of the winners:



获奖人员合照 (2)






Although affected by the epidemic, some foreign exhibitors and visitors can not attend the event, but through this exhibition, it is not difficult to see that the entire industry has maintained a steady momentum forward. Both machine manufacturers and material manufacturers are trying to open up new areas, to try new, to broaden the scope of 3D printing technology applications and boundaries.


As the leading global brand of 3D printing filaments,eSUN will continue to focus on new materials research and development, providing customers with more excellent 3D printing filaments for various fields, helping the 3D printing industry to develop further. We also hope that the epidemic can be passed as soon as possible, and meet with friends of the whole world as soon as possible offline!






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