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Developing new plastic economy | An article on Esun's sustainable development layout and planning.


With the emergence of global warming and other phenomena, since 2020, the development of low-carbon economy to promote sustainable development has become a global consensus.




The symbol of sustainable development is the sustainable use of resources and a good ecological environment.


Plastics was once hailed as the greatest invention of the 20th century, but times have changed. The development and utilization of plastics over the years have caused huge "white pollution" , this has a serious impact on the climate environment, soil environment and marine environment.


In 2020, the concepts of carbon peak and carbon neutrality were proposed. Global Plastic production and incineration is forecast to emit 56bn tonnes of Carbon dioxide equivalent by 2050, which account 10-13 % of the total carbon budget that could be "spent" by the middle of the century. By the end of the century, plastic-related carbon emissions could account for half of the total carbon budget.


The importance of restricting plastic products is self-evident. Many countries and regions, including China, have adopted legislation to ban plastic products, promote the application of environmental protection materials, develop new plastic economy and promote sustainable development.


At present, the main biodegradable materials on the market mainly include PLA, PBAT, PBS, PCL, Pha and so on. eSUN is mainly based on the synthesis of PLA and PCL, modified, expanded many high value-added or low-cost applications.



  • High value-added applications of eSUN biomaterials in biomedicine


Biodegradable medical materials are Biocompatibility, extremely stable, and easy to process. Aliphatic polyester polymers (polylactide PLA , polyglycolide PGA, polycaprolactone ε-PCL) and their copolymers are the most widely used. eSUN's self-produced PCL can be used in the manufacture of orthopaedic fixation materials and surgical suture, etc .


01 Orthopedic fixation material


Esun’s low temperature thermoplastics can be used as a healing splint material, a patient immobilization system in radiation oncology, orthoses and denture thermoplastic.


Product characteristics:

①Strong support, long-term wear will not fall off or break;

②It has good shape memory function and tensile resistance;

③Smooth surface, no fingerprints;

④Non-latex and biodegradable.



图层 4图层 5


02 Surgical suture


Most absorbable surgical suture are made from PLA and PGA ,and they are fully degraded and absorbed within 2-6 weeks.


In orthopaedic surgery, because the healing time of the medial bone is 3-6 months or longer, sutures of the soft tissue attached to the bone require a full rate of degradation. The sutures produced by PCL spinning can meet this requirement.



  • High value-added applications of eSUN biomaterials in 3D printing




Characteristics of biodegradable 3D printing materials:

①100% bio-based, in compliance with EN 13432 and ASTM D6400. In a composting environment, it completely decomposes into carbon dioxide and water. Non-toxic and harmless to human body, biology and environment.

②Designed by the characteristics of FDM 3D printing filaments, the performance is flexible and not brittle. The product is cost-effective.

③Standard color matching, stable color and lustre. It can be made in more than 20 different colors according to customers' requirements. You can use it immediately after buying.

④On the basis of the pure PLA, the toughness of the material is greatly improved, the lines are not easy to break, the printing is smooth, the finished product is beautiful in appearance, no warping edge cracking and other problems.


Since eSUN entered the 3D printing industry in 2006, in more than 10 years, eSUN has brought a lot of positive changes to the industry through a number of innovative initiatives, effectively promoting the progress and upgrading of the industry, but also contribute to the development of 3D printing applications. So far, eSUN has developed nearly 100 kinds of 3D printing filaments with mature performance and excellent appearance, and its products are well-known all over the world.





High value-added applications of eSUN biomaterials in ecological textile


POLYLACTIC ACID (PLA) is a new biodegradable material, which is made of starch from renewable plant resources (such as corn) . It is safe, sanitary, environmental friendly, with good mechanical and physical properties. Polylactic acid is also the only biodegradable plastic with excellent antimicrobial and mildew resistance.


As a thermoplastic fiber-grade Resin, fiber-grade PLA is used in the form of particles for extrusion into mechanically stretched staple fibers using conventional fiber spinning and drawing equipment. It has excellent colorability and can be used in a variety of printing methods.



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Polylactic acid non-woven fabrics are moisture-proof, breathable, flexible, lightweight, non-combustion, easy to decompose, non-toxic non-irritating, colorful, recyclable and so on. It can be used for disinfecting cloth, mask, diaper, civil dishcloth, wet face towel, beauty products, sanitary towel, sanitary pad and disposable sanitary cloth, etc.


In addition, polylactic acid membrane cloth is a new type of bio-based material, which is soft in hand, strong in adsorption, moisture and permeability, and bacteriostatic. It is a kind of pure, safe, healthy and close to skin material with many biological characteristics that can not be compared with other base materials, it is an ideal base material for high quality facial mask.

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High value-added applications of eSUN biomaterials in eco-packaging and eco-friendly tableware


Based on the synthesis and modification of PLA, eSUN is able to produce a variety of biodegradable modified materials with excellent performance and environment-friendly application products.


The biodegradable film blowing material can be made by blowing process or casting process of different properties of the film, for a variety of types of packaging, such as fresh goods, express packaging.


Note: For more detailed information on biodegradable film blowing material and products, see the link "characteristics and applications of five biodegradable membranes" .



The biodegradable film coated material can be used to produce coated paper, which can be coated on the surface of flexible substrates such as paper, non-woven fabrics, woven fabrics, etc. , such as kraft paper bags, cold (hot) beverage cups, coffee cups, soup bowls, paper plates and lunch boxes.



The biodegradable injection plastics are mainly used in the products of general injection molding methods, can Be used in electronic and electrical products, catering supplies, stationery, daily products, cosmetic appliances, mechanical engineering parts, toys, cars and other fields.



The biodegradable straw material used in the production of straw, which can be made flat, inclined, straight pipe, elbow. With a certain temperature resistance, it can be used to drink hot and cold beverages.



The biodegradable sheet material is 100% bio-based and meets en 13432 and ASTM 6400 standards. It has high melt strength and good thermal stability. Ordinary sheet can be processed by blister equipment, and the processing efficiency is high. It can produce transparent sheet and opaque sheet.



Developing a new plastic economy and promoting sustainable development not only means promoting multiple applications of biomaterials for eSUN, but also recycling is an important part of it. At present, eSUN has mastered the polylactic acid (PLA) industrialization technology and recovery technology. The company can get lactide through the recovery of polylactic acid and then used to produce a variety of "double high" lactic acid ester.


Shenzhen Esun Industrial Co., Ltd ( eSUN ), as one of the first companies to enter the biodegradable material industry in China, has been committed to the industrialization of environmentally friendly materials, adhering to the sense of corporate social responsibility, paying close attention to the environment and paying more attention to the sustainable development of human society.



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With the international and domestic restrictions on plastic changes in the situation, biodegradable materials in dormancy after many years finally ushered in the  "spring " of the development. Experts predict that by 2005, China's total consumption of biodegradable plastic will increase by 430% compared with 2019, based on the banned plastic products policy announced so far in China.


The market development prospects are broad, but in the early industrial growth, due to a variety of irrational factors, there may be "market chaos" situation. When all gradually return to reason, the industry will continue to send out a strong vitality, in each subdivided areas have unlimited development potential.


eSUN will always adhere to the concept of differentiation and open innovation, grasp the dynamics of demand side, promote the application of biological materials with high-added value and low-cost, develop new plastic economy and promote sustainable development!


Here, we also invite bio-material modification and products enterprises to cooperate and expand the global market of bio-plastics!


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