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eSUN released bio-based SLA resin: eResin-PLA


As we know, resin is the consumable for SLA 3D printing, which has some unique features such as high surface quality, high precision, to make it ideal for printing intricate models with high details. However, it also has some obvious drawbacks, such as:

  • Strong smell, has environmental pollution
  • sticky, difficult to clean when dripping on the ground
  • Instability, water absorption will lead to warping and distortion
  • High costs, mostly solidified by UV

In order to overcome the defects and weakness of the SLA resin in current market, eSUN, the global leading brand of FDM filament, launched this FDM to SLA cross-border innovative products: bio-based SLA resin ‘eResin-PLA’.

eSUN has been deeply dedicated to bio-material area for many years,

this revolutionary 3D printing consumable has been seriously researched and produced with their accumulated experience and technology. 

The product is suitable for SLA 3D printing devices, using bio-based PLA monomer as raw material to synthesis,

expecting to keep the features of stability, high performance and environmental friendly which PLA has in FDM 3D printing.

Its unique features:

  • bio-based, small smell, safe, environmentally friendly and biodegradable
  • Low viscosity, better performance of flow, easy to clean
  • Tougher and more wear-resisting, no warping and distortion problem
  • Solidified by UV and normal visible light

The product is available for a variety of colors, and supports 100ml、250ml、500ml and 1L these four different kinds of packing for you to choose. 

Application fields: Fashion jewelry, arts, models/prototypes, functional components,

it can meet the requirements of high precision and high strength. 

eSUN team has launched this cross-border innovative consumable with full sincerity.

Welcome our customers to try and experience this new product, please feel free to leave your feedback.

We will keep on improving, to provide more and better 3D printing consumable to serve the market!