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eSUN Digital Transformation SAP Project Launch Conference was successfully held!


On the morning of January 8, 2021, eSUN SAP project launching meeting was officially held in Xiaogan. In the future, eSUN will join hands with Gongbo Technology, adopt SAP products to start the road of digital transformation!




CEO Yihu Yang is delivering a speech

About SAP——

SAP is the world's top enterprise software provider, not only providing professional services to more than 15,000 Chinese companies, but also covering 425,000 corporate customers worldwide and providing services to 220 million cloud users. SAP has 48 years of innovation and precipitation. The cloud solution alone contains more than 100 models covering all business functions, while providing proprietary enterprise management solutions in 26 industries. As a technical leader and market leader in global enterprise management software and solutions, SAP has continued to provide comprehensive enterprise-level management software solutions to companies in various industries around the world over the years, with outstanding and strong brand strength.




After nearly 20 years of development and accumulation, eSUN has gained certain achievement in both 3D printing materials and biodegradable materials. As the 3D printing industry enters the growth phase from the introduction period, as a global leader in 3D printing materials, eSUN is also facing a broader market. On the other hand, since the domestic and foreign legislation on bans and restrictions on plastics is gradually advancing, and biodegradable materials are about to usher in the golden opportunity for industry development. For eSUN, it will also be a huge opportunity and challenge. Because of this, transformation and reform are imminent.

With the rapid development and expanding scale, current system can no longer meet the needs. With the implementation of global layout strategy, eSUN is required to further refine management, accurately control costs, unify production and operation standards, open up all aspects of the process, improve efficiency in all aspects, and provide strong decision support for long-term development.

Based on the above situation, in order to achieve high-quality development and promote management optimization, eSUN is determined to choose SAP products and Gongbo technology to jointly open the road of digital transformation.




Mr. Xu Haibing, Project Director of Gongbo Technology, giving a speech


In this SAP project, eSUN will use the SAP HANA Cloud system to build a highly integrated business management platform, through four aspects: digital talent training, business and financial integration, omni-channel marketing management integration, and data management integration to improve the company's refined management and control capabilities and market response capabilities to complete transformation and embrace the opportunities and challenges brought by the digital revolution.


Specifically, this SAP project will be carried out and promoted from the following four points:

(1) Project implementation scope

1. FICO Financial Management

2. PP production planning and production management

3. MM/QM Material/Quality Management

4. SD Sales and Distribution


(2) Project implementation goals

1. Establish an accurate data platform, create transparent and timely business data, and provide a basis for subsequent decision-making analysis;

2. Build a highly integrated ERP system platform to realize integrated management of R&D, production, procurement, sales, and finance;

3. Support the assessment and control needs under the internal management structure, meet and quickly respond to changes in the company's organizational structure;

4. Realize the integrated management of production, supply and marketing, produce the best production plan and purchase plan to meet customer order requirements, and accelerate the response speed of the production process.


The SAP system can be called the most excellent ERP system in the world. As a gold partner of SAP, Gongbo Technology has rich practical experience and can fully escort the transformation of the enterprise. With the cooperation of the three parties, we believe that it will help eSUN build an efficient management platform, better respond to the challenges of enterprise group and internationalization, and promote the implementation of various strategies!


The successful held of this project also indicates that eSUN has taken a solid step forward in its digital construction. CEO Mr. Yihu Yang said, “In the future, eSUN will work closely with SAP and Gongbo Technology to build a highly integrated business management platform through SAP’s strong digital capabilities and Gongbo’s innovation capabilities, gradually improve the level of digital management, and finally realize a comprehensive digital transformation. "




All members of the meeting


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