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eSUN went to Basel for Chemspec Europe 2016


Chemspec Europe 2016 is the international exhibition for fine and speciality chemicals. For purchasers and agents looking for specific products or bespoke solutions,the event is the ideal marketplace to meet with manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of fine and speciality chemicals. 



The 31st edition of this highly successful industry event have taken place from 1–2 June 2016 at Basel Messe,Switzerland. Leading manufacturers,suppliers and distributors present a wide choice of fine and speciality chemicals for a large range of different applications.Nearly ten thousands of visitors and a plenty of famous companies in this field attend the grand meeting.



eSun,an Innovator in the field of Green biological materials attends the show,taking their latest research and a series of environmentally friendly function material Polycaprolactone, Polyol Products,Lactate ester and PLA related products. Discuss the development and application of green biodegradable material with world’s leading biomaterial experts.