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Biodegradable Color Masterbatch


Biodegradable Color Masterbatch

Composed of degradable materials and pigments, it has the advantages of high coloring power, degradability, safety and environmental protection,Color consistent with Pantone.There are PLA and PCL carriers for degradation Color Masterbatch,our company provides more than 30 kinds of PLA color masterbatch and more than 20 kinds of PCL color masterbatch and the product color can be adjusted according to the demand.





1. Degradable materials, low carbon and environmentally friendly

2. Good dispersibility, high coloring power.

3. Bright color, brilliant.

4. High concentration, strong covering power.

5. Good migration resistance and heat resistance.



1. Applied Technology: injection molding, blow molding, wire drawing, casting, extrusion, blow film, foaming, sheet material, pipe material, granulation, hollow, EVA, blow bottle and other processing technologies.

2. Applicable plastic varieties: PET, PP, PE, PC, PLA、PBAT, etc.,In particular, it has good compatibility with biomaterials,other plastics can be customized according to needs.

3. Applied fields: 3D printing consumables,household appliances, toys, packaging materials, wires and cables, plastic bags, automobiles, building materials, sports and leisure products, degradable film, wires and cables, gifts, folders and other plastic products industries.




Research on the modification and processing of biodegradable materials, and provide one-step technical service programs such as equipment, raw materials and proessing technology.


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