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Biodegradable functional masterbatch


According to the development needs of the biodegradable market, our company has launched three kinds of biodegradable masterbatches independently researched and developed -- compatibilizer eSunBio5004K, toughened masterbatch eSunBio5821E, and luminescent masterbatch eSunBio5022L. More biodegradable masterbatches will be launched to meet the market demand.


Compatibilizer eSunBio5004K

一、 Properties

1、Degradable materials, low carbon environmental protection.

2、Good compatibility with the material matrix。

3、Good processing performance and wide process range

二、 Application

Compatibilizer eSunBio5004K Mainly used in PLA and PBAT compatibilization modification, not only improve the interface strength between PBAT and PLA, but also can be used for PLA filling, PLA plus glass fiber, etc., improve the bonding strength between filler and PLA, and improve compatibility. At the same time, the toughening effect on PLA is obvious and does not affect the degradation of PLA. Used for biodegradable film grade, injection grade and other modified materials .

三、Add amount: Recommended addition amount 5%-10%


Toughened masterbatch eSunBio5821E



一、 Properties

1、Biobased, low-carbon environment, renewable resources, non-peltroleum material.

2、Excellent toughness.

3、Good processing performance, wide process range, easy molding, quick cooling and setting .

4、Good surface gloss.

5、Low product shrinkage and good dimensional stability .

二、 Application

Toughened masterbatch eSunBio5821E is mainly used in toughening various PLA molding products, and can be used for electronic and electrical products, catering products, stationery products, mechanical engineering parts, printer casings, pen holders, 3D printing lines toughening , etc.

三、Add amount.

The general product addition amount is 20%. It would be increased or decreased according to the product situation


Luminescent masterbatch eSunBio5022L


1、Biobased, low-carbon environment, renewable resources, non-peltroleum material.

​2、Luminous duration of up to 12 hours, light storage time is short.

3、Easy addition does not affect the processing performance and degradation performance of the subject material..


Luminescent masterbatch eSunBio5022L is a biodegradable material with self-luminous function.Mixed with other biodegradable materials in proportion, all kinds of luminescent plastic products are made, absorbing visible light for 10-20 minutes, and lasting for more than 12 hours in the dark night, playing a role of safety indication and decoration.Compared with the traditional direct use of luminous pigment technology, environmental protection, science, advanced, practical.It can be applied to 3D printing consumables, remote control, fluorescent products and other products.

三、Add amount: Recommended addition amount5%-15%


Research on the modification and processing of biodegradable materials, and provide one-step technical servicf programs such as equipment, raw materials and proessing technology.


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