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The features and application of five kinds of degradable film


1. High heat sealing biodegradable film(eSunBio6502、eSunBio6421


Features: The transparency and hardness of the film can be adjusted according to the requirements of customers,The heat sealing strength can reach 12-20 MPa, soft, easy to store, with good air permeability, good printability,  biodegradable.

Application: It can make all kinds of flat bags, handbags, self-adhesive bags, vest bags, etc. And also suitable for continuous automatic packaging production line.




2. Heat sealable transparent PLA film (eSunBio6011)

Features: High transparency,very low haze, good gloss, can clearly show the product appearance, improve the sense of consciousness, reflect high-grade. It is nontoxic, tasteless and meets the food hygiene standard. Biodegradable and and compostable.

Applications: Widely used in color box skylight, flower packaging, flower sleeve, shoes, socks and clothing packaging, cigarettes packing, books, greeting cards and stationery cover packaging. It also can be used for the packaging of snacks, fruits, vegetables, bread, candy, perishable products (meat, cheese, cooking), etc.


3. OK Home compost film(eSunBio6014)

Features: The main components of the membrane can support the degradation of household compost, and can pass the certification of household compost degradation. Under the environment temperature of 20-30 ℃, the product can be composted by using a simple composting box, and can be fully degraded within 12 months. It can deal with kitchen waste conveniently.

.Applications: Pet waste bag, shopping bag, roll bag, express packaging bag, disposable household goods (such as tablecloth, apron, gloves, bathing cap, etc.), kitchen waste packaging, etc.



4. Transparent biodegradable film for paper plastic coating(eSunBio6012

Features: Good transparency, heat resistance, high tensile strength, impact strength, stiffness and toughness match perfectly.Small heat shrinkage, good adhesion with paper. Good printability, It can protect the printing surface from fading, The film is resistant to friction, moisture and light, waterproof and antifouling. When the dyne value of the film surface is above 38, it is suitable for paper plastic.

Applications: Widely used in food packaging, electronic packaging, cosmetics packaging and other color box coating.



5.Special biodegradable film for paper plastic coating (eSunBio6013)

Features:Translucent / opaque film, good stiffness, tensile, ink printability, multi-color printing, high dyne value on the surface of the film, suitable for paper-plastic lamination.

Application:It can be used for compound packaging of food, electronic products and cosmetics. After coating, the appearance is matte, which improves the grades of packaging.


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