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All amazing moments on Formnext 2019


On November 22, Formnext 2019 finally came to a successful conclusion at the Frankfurt Exhibition Center in Germany!


Needless to say, this is one of the most influential 3D printing events in Europe with many outstanding suppliers of 3D printing, rapid prototyping, and mold manufacturing from around the world gathering together and more than 30,000 exhibitors visiting to explore the wave of intelligent manufacturing brought by innovative equipment and processes!



Let's go and see the wonderful scene together

01 /  3D printed works 


02 / Uniqueness of 3D printing materials


03 / automotive industry applications

04 / industrial application molds

05 / 3D printing drone 


06 / props


07 / flexible 3D cloth


08 / cosmetics packaging models and glasses application


09 / innovative art


eSUN, a world-renowned manufacturer of 3D printing materials, began to actively prepare for this German event at the end of TCT SHOW exhibition in September. We hope to show new eSUN products and new solutions to European and global users.



eSUN mainly showed FDM filaments, such as eSilk-PLA, PLA+, eSilk-PLA Rainbow Multicolor, PETG and eTPU-95A, which can be used for model making in any industry; and engineering filaments like ePA-CF, ePC, eASA, eABS-MAX, and ePA for customers in the aviation, aerospace, mold and other industries. eSUN 3D printing materials are particularly strong in strength, hardness, and flame retardancy.

In the field of photopolymer resins, eSUN eResin-PLA bio-based resin, Standard Resin and LCD water washable resin are extremely cost-effective and are the preferred materials for 3D lovers and school education. We’re also developing industry resins such as Castable Resin for Dental, Castable Resin for Jewelry, LCD Dental Mold Resin, LCD Precesion Model Resin and Hard-Tough Resin.



Printing insole system’. This new product has gained appreciation once it is on the market due to eSUN's accurate grasp of 3D printing for healthy customization needs and excellent resource integration capabilities.


eSUN staff Steve operated the 'iSUN3D customized 3D Printing insole system' on booth to obtain foot data from customers through a foot scanner. After modeling of a user-specific insole model, iSUN3D FLX 3D Printer will print the insoles out with eTPU-95A filament, which has attracted the attention of many engineers, medical professionals and other audiences.


It is believed that the performance on Formnext 2019 is sufficient to show that eSUN has always focused on the development of professional, high-quality and innovative 3D printing materials, and is committed to innovative integration solutions for the development of additive manufacturing.


In the future, eSUN will surely move forward, strive to innovate more 3D printing products and technologies, and contribute to the rapid development of additive manufacturing. Feel free to contact us.

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