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【iSUN3D custom 3D Printing insole system】appears at Formnext


On November 19th, the world famous 3D printing exhibition Formnext 2019 was grandly opened in Frankfurt, Germany! It is reported that more than 800 3D printing companies have participated in this exhibition. Among them, there are over 70 Chinese enterprises.



eSUN was invited to participate as a globally renowned brand of 3D printing filaments, focusing on FDM 3D printing filaments, best-selling photopolymer resin, 3D printing equipment and 3D printing innovative application solutions to bring a new and high quality 3D printing experience to the audience.



Shortly after the opening, a large wave of people flowed into eSUN booth, inquiring about‘iSUN3D customized 3D Printing insole system’.



The project is mainly used in customized insoles for flat feet, sports insoles and so on. For different users and different needs, iSUN3D customized 3D Printing insole system adopts scanning-design-printing as a whole, firstly using 3D scanning to obtain user foot data, secondly modeling and printing with special soft TPU filament on the iSUN3D FLX printer, and finally present a pair of insoles that’s perfectly suited for the user's foot.



The 3D printed insole manufactured by iSUN3D Customized Insole Printing System can help users to relieve symptoms such as foot pain and even correct the shape of the foot. The iSUN3D FLX high-speed flexible printer on display is the core 3D printer of this system, which has the following characteristics:

Double position, can print 2 insoles at the same time

Forming time of a pair of adult insoles is 40-60 mins

Double E-axis motor, smooth extruding no clogging

3.5 inch HD touch screen

Support for power outages

High-precision imported parts, smooth forming surface without tumor


The matching insole material is eSUN eTPU-95A.



This is a filament with high flexibility and high resilience which can greatly reduce the permanent deformation rate. At the same time, the moisture permeability and hydrolysis resistance feature make it possible to be water washed, keep warm and defend cold.


The flexibility and hardness of eTPU-95A are higher than most of the similar materials. The size and shape of the printing are very stable and the surface is also easy to paint. It is not necessary to heat the bottom plate when printing. The printing is smooth, odorless and tasteless. 



eSUN has developed this foot scan - design - 3D printing - post-processing system, with rich experience, active innovation and practical application. Now it has established orthopedics insole design and 3D printing machining center in Shenzhen and Hubei Xiaogan.



You could visit eSUN at booth 12.1-E126 to know more and please feel free to contact us.

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