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Big News | eSUN 3D Printing Digital Dental Series Applications


With the advancement of technology, dental digital technology is rapidly emerging. The dental digital industry, which is driven by 3D printing, has revolutionized the upgrading of traditional products and the development of new products.

According to a market research report by MR, the global dental 3D printing market is worth about $1 billion and is expected to reach about $3.4 billion by the end of 2025, with a growth rate of about 17%. 3D printing dentistry plays an important role because of its precision, accuracy and efficiency. More and more dentists use 3D printing technology to manufacture implants such as dentures, bridges and other dental products.


High-efficiency 3D printers add new tools to the dental industry


At present, three kinds of technologies are mainly used in dental 3D printing applications - SLA, DLP and LCD; SLA equipment has the highest cost, requires a professional operating environment, high maintenance cost, and is suitable for mass production of orthodontic models; DLP technology has high precision, however, it is limited by small size and is only suitable for printing small-sized repairing models such as planting guide plates; while LCD technology equipment has low cost, its has both small and large format printing size, high precision and fast forming speed, which are absolute advantages in small batch production. As follows, eSUN launched a large format 10.1 inch LCD device:


This 3D printer is a large format LCD printer in the dental field with the following features:

1. 3K high-definition resolution imaging system, making print size accurate and surface smoother;

2. Large print size, 216 * 65 * 650mm, full screen print 1 version / 50 minutes;

3. Stable printing, can achieve continuous 24 hours of printing work;

4. Desktop level, low cost of use, easy operation and maintenance.


Application range

It has been widely used in denture processing factories and clinics, with mature production and processing technology and solutions. It is the standard equipment for denture dental industry applications.


Four photopolymer resins help the dental industry explore more possibilities

In the combination of 3D printing technology and digital application, each patient's teeth have different characteristics, and the tooth structure is also complicated. The requirements for printing equipment and printing materials for dental application models are various. In order to provide more applications for dental treatment, eSUN recommends four dental special 3D printing resins for different fields - dental mold resin, guide resin, wax crown stent resin and castable resin for dental .


Dental Mold Resin


Developed for dental mold making applications, this product has a low-viscosity formulation, superior hardness and minimal shrinkage, combined with a high-precision 3D printer to deliver a perfect dental mold with ultra-high precision and smooth surface finish. Even repeatedly removing or replacing will not damage the mold, which is very suitable for making denture base, repairing model, detachable dental mold and orthodontic model.

•1.8% low shrinkage to ensure print size accuracy;

•80D high hardness to ensure repeated use without wear and tear;

•Fine surface smoothness for perfect details.


Guide resin


This product is a crystal clear material that can be used to print accurate drilling navigation versions and is specially developed for the dental denture industry. It has the feature of high transparency, high hardness and high precision, environmentally friendly and odorless.

• Highly transparent material for maximum visibility;

• 1.8% low shrinkage rate shows precise positioning navigation;

• 88D high hardness help the drilling process without deviation;

• Elongation at break 11-20%, viscosity 100-150mpa.s.



Wax crown stent resin


This product is specially developed for dental applications. It has a highly clear surface feature and high-strength structural properties. It can print extremely thin inner crown, veneer and steel bracket models, even perfect for full length bridges inner crown.

• No residue in combustion, ensuring smooth surface of castings without sand holes;

• Wax type resin has a very low expansion rate, and a rapid heating method can be used to reduce the burning time;

• The shape of the candle is stable, ensuring the embedding without deformation and precise and close casting effect;

• Wax type has high strength, such as immediate casting without post-curing, saving processing time;

• Fast curing time, greatly improved efficiency.


Castable resin for dental

Developed for the dental field, eSUN Castable resin for dental is a high-precision, high-hardness, impact-resistant, a quality choice for dentists.

• High precision and smooth surface;

• Burned clean, can be directly embedded in casting;

• Shrinkage is as low as 1.88%-2.45%;

• Compatible with most LCD printers.

The new revolution brought to the dental industry by 3D printing technology is not only that the technology has greatly improved the accuracy of dental implants compared with traditional methods; it also provides patients with a fast, convenient and personalized dental implant process, reducing the psychological burden of patients. eSUN 3D printing dental solution is designed to promote the development of the dental industry. Welcome to consult and discuss development!