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iSUN3D orthopedic customized 3D Printing insole system once again rocked in French [3D PRINT] show!


From June 4th to 6th, 2019, the 6th French [3D PRINT] exhibition was held in Hall 1 of Lyon Eurexpo. 3D PRINT is annual scientific and technological festival of French additive manufacturing and also a large and influential exhibition in Europe. Participation in it will greatly enhance the visibility of the company in the industry.


In the exhibition, ZOTRAX, MACHINES 3D, MAKERSHOP and other well-known companies have prepared a number of unique and original creative ideas.


For example, some brands bring the model of the Notre Dame combining technology and French architecture; some shares on how to print the Eiffel Tower on the FDM printer; some brands based on photopolymer technology and promote its printing equipment to drive material consumption.

From 3D printing equipment to smart drawing software to materials, exhibitors showcased a variety of leading technologies and knowledge in the industry to meet the technological needs of additive manufacturing companies.

At this exhibition, eSUN, as well-known brand of global 3D printing filaments, brought a series of innovative products such as iSUN3D customized 3D Printing insole system, FDM filaments series and photopolymer resin series. As the only company to showcase 3D printing insole system, it simply stands out.

eSUN's rich product line and continuous new products are maintaining a certain advantage in the European market.


The innovative products like eSilk-PLA, eMarble, eTwinkling and other products on display attracted many exhibitors' attention because of their uniqueness. The market feedback of resin products indicates that eSUN resins are being accepted by overseas customers, and found that open-source photopolymer resins are much more easily accepted by users, and eSUN will continue to work hard to strengthen cooperation with more European partners.

Most notably, the iSUN3D customized 3D Printing insole system has attracted a lot of traffic for the eSUN booth.


Visitors are very interested in the complete solution of customized insoles system. After understanding the products, they really appreciate the insole generation method in the process.

The iSUN3D customized 3D Printing insole system is much more environmentally friendly than the common insole laser engraving technology! First of all, it saves manpower, one-time molding, no post-processing. Secondly it saves materials, gives high performance, variety choices, and has no noise or dust. Last but not least, it has low cost and short manufacturing time!

This insole system provides from material to equipment and follow-up printing training, which makes it easy for the buyers and they do not have to worry about after-sales problems. As a great addition to the program, many customers are eager to know more about eSUN!


"Compared with previous exhibitions, 3D PRINT 2019 pays more attention to the improvement of 3D printing technology in innovative production and there are many highlights in equipment and materials. eSUN is honored to participate and will strive to expand international reputation, understand the market, and work hard to meet the needs of real industry innovation." said by Steve, the head of eSUN European market.

In the future, eSUN will continue to enhance its interaction with global users, and strive to provide more innovative products and quality solutions to apply 3D printing technology and green biomaterials to a wider field.