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eSUN eSilk-PLA added gold, silver and copper metallic colors


With 3D printing developing in the Industrial Revolution 4.0, more and more companies have noticed the power of 3D printing rapid prototyping, coupled with the developing impact of the maker trend, the demand for 3D printing products needs to be diversified.


3D printing car, 3D printing razor, 3D printing automatic rifle, Oracle 3D printed reproduction (Source: Pumpkin Net)


The 3D printing products manufactured in different fields need material with different properties. The characteristics of the materials (such as hardness, toughness, color) used in the same field are slightly different, which will make the 3D printed products different.


For example, the following materials are used to make 3D printing jewelry. The golden one looks dazzling, the silver one looks luxurious, and the copper one looks classy... So, the same filament with different colors also demonstrates the  diversified filament trend of current makers.


3D printed leaf shape gold ring, hyphae shape silver ring, copper ring


eSUN, as a globally renowned brand of 3D printing filaments, with its product diversity and unique characteristics of each product, has become the world's leading 3D filaments manufacturer. This year, eSUN eSilk-PLA is one of the best-selling new products. Everyone appreciate its unique bright luster and the silky texture!



After the product has been sold for half a year in 2019, eSUN has added some uniqueness. When maintaining the original characteristics of "PLA filaments based on polylactic acid", we adopt improved technology and new dyes to create gold, silver, and copper the three new colors.



Prints with the three new color eSilk-PLA need no polishing to have a brighter metallic color, and the texture is still silky and shining. They can be widely used in large surface models and practical products, such as furniture accessories, decoration, outdoor decoration and other fields.