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[Rapid+TCT 2019]Review | Demonstrate the power of eSUN 3D printing application innovation


From May 20th to 23rd, 2019, [Rapid+TCT 2019] was grandly opened at the Cobo Convention and Exhibition Center in Detroit, USA. This is one of the most influential 3D printing events in North America, bringing together many of the world's best 3D printing companies and exhibitors.


Overview of all international additive manufacturing exhibitions, 3D printing technology, smart products and application models are being displayed in each session and they’re getting more and more exciting, which no doubt shows that the global industrial revolution 4.0 is developing rapidly.

TCT, which represents the world's leading additive manufacturing exhibition brand, has been receiving attention from many insiders and outsiders around the world for many years. This year's Rapid+TCT 2019, from the fields of industrial manufacturing, medical rehabilitation, aerospace and other fields, demonstrated the final application of hundreds of 3D printing technologies, providing visitors with a variety of 3D printing technologies topic.

With the simple operation of 3D printing equipment and excellent design drawing advantages, it is always easier to realize the future of science and technology in human imagination than traditional crafts, such as the following Marvel Iron Man mask, future robotic armed wear. These models capture a large number of science fiction enthusiasts on the scene.

We’ll be amazed by how 3D printing is applied to life! Take a look at the cool stimulating series below, and the 3D printing luxury car series, which have shocked the audience!


As a well-known manufacturer of global 3D printing filaments, eSUN is still paying special attention to such global exhibitions. After attending TCT Shanghai and TCT Japan, we once again participate in TCT+Rapid to showcase our new products and new solutions to worldwide users.

eSUN is helping to fully apply 3D printing technology from its application to prototyping and mold making in life scenes. The booth design has been greatly adjusted according to the needs, each exhibition area has a clear division, such as FDM filaments or industrial-grade filaments, photopolymer resin teaching applications and industrial applications. These displays are all designed to help customers to quickly find the ideal product they need.

According to the feedback from the exhibitors, eSUN booth was full of popularity. The new products on display, the best-selling printers, the various models and solutions have received great attention from the audience.

3D printing filaments exhibition area



This area shows eight common filaments from eSUN and the combination of eBOX, Refilament and Respool.

Its materials include eSilk-PLA, eTPU-95A, PETG, PLA+, eMarble, ePA-CF and 6 other best-selling filaments.

[ABS odorless] and [ePA6-CF] are the latest filaments that eSUN is ready to bring to market.


Photopolymer resin exhibition area


This year, eSUN has promoted a variety of photopolymer resin products in overseas markets. For example, eResin-PLA is the world's first environmentally friendly bio-based photopolymer resin, Standard resin meets the needs of popular daily printing. Hard-tough resins provide more choices for industrial-grade refined 3D printing applications, and Castable resin for jewelry and dental are used for individualized production needs in applications such as medical and jewelry.


Material: Standard resin, eResin-PLA, Hard-tough resin

Material: eResin for Orthodontic teeth model, Castable resin for dental, eResin for dental implant guide

Material: pressure film resin, HTP resist resin, flexible resin


There are also PLA smooth spray that do not require surface treatment technology.

In the above resin products, HTP resist resin and flexible resin are the two new resins eSUN is about to launch.


Compared with traditional manufacturing processes, 3D printing molds have advantages in terms of price or delivery. In the art industry, the demand for large sculptures is also huge. Urban public art, theme parks, real estate sculptures, embossed murals, religious statues... 3D printing manufacturing can all be involved, and the large-scale printing service displayed by eSUN has become a highlight.


Printing equipment and program display area

Equipment: LCD 3.0 printer, LCD 10.1 large size printer

The increase in filaments requires the cooperation of high-profile printing equipment. eSUN's latest LCD 3.0 printer and LCD 10.1 large-size printer are both high-precision printing equipment. The biggest advantage of the two machines is the better stability of the Z-axis than others on the market. Between them, LCD 10.1 large size printer is a large format 3D printer, which meets the need for printing larger size.


Solution: iSUN3D medical insole 3D printing system

This solution is a matching solution for eSUN. It first uses 3D scanning to obtain user's foot data. Secondly, using the special insole printing filaments with special soft performance and iSUN3D FLX printer, it can print a pair of insoles that are completely suitable for the user's foot. Among them, the special insole printing filaments are also the exclusive use materials of eSUN medical insole 3D printing system, which is biocompatible, safe and environmentally friendly; and iSUN3D FLX printer has simple operation and fast printing speed. The breakthrough of 3D printing technology in the whole system has brought health to more foot patients.

The above is the full display of eSUN's participation in this exhibition.


I believe that the performance of on Rapid+TCT 2019 is enough to show that eSUN is always focused on developing professional, high-quality and innovative 3D printing materials, and is committed to using leading technology, high-quality products and meticulous in-depth services, to promote the in-depth application of 3D printing in all walks of life.


In the future, eSUN will not only contribute to the 3D printing service for customers, industry and the market, but also strive to become a Chinese company that is valuable to the times and contributes to society.