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eSUN & Sindoh Achieved Global Strategic Co-operation


eSUN & Sindoh Achieved Global Strategic Co-operation


On 27th June, eSUN and sindoh signed the agreement for global strategic co-operation at Inside 3D Printing in Seol, Korea.


It is said that this collaboration covers the distribution of 3D printers and peripheral products, as well as the brand promotion, market expansion and market insights.




3D Printers of Sindoh goes with eSUN Filaments, Mutual Benefits each Other and Built Strong Friendship


Sindoh was found in 1960, which was providing OEM/ODM service to some famous brands 50 years ago, and it established sindoh in Korea to start own branding business. It has been a leading brand of printers/MFPs and other printing supplies including the current 3D printers.




The partnership of sindoh and eSUN could be dated back to 4 years ago, when the 3D printer filament of eSUN become the standard companion to their 3D printers. Afterwards, Sindoh has been the strategic partner of eSUN.


In 2016, eSUN started to distribute the 3D printer of Sindoh and marketed 3DWOX series to Chinese market, whose affiliated company “iSUN3D” become the pioneer to develop Chinese market. It had extensive significance and opened a new journey for the global strategic collaboration between eSUN and sindoh.





eSUN Launched “Strategic Partnership Plan”,Sindoh be the First to Join


The representative of eSUN,Simon,Manager of 3D International Business Department, shared the development strategy with the representatives of Sindoh.


eSUN firmly adheres to its development strategy “Differentiated Positioning, Open Innovation”, which has been unremittingly developing and manufacturing the new products from R&D to Production, and has been the supplier that provides the most choice to clients in the industry, also turned into one of the core market competitiveness that distinguishes eSUN from other industry competitors. In R&D and Marketing field, eSUN, with the open mindset, conducted technological communication and business insights with the industry professional and strived for creating the space for win-win co-operation, and unceasingly develop the new business modes for collaboration.



Mr. Thomas, CEO,3D Business Division of Sindoh (Left)

Mr. Simon, Manager, 3D International Business Division of eSUN (Middle)

Mr. Jay Shim, representative of Sindoh (Right)


Eyes on the development of global 3D printing, eSUN launched the “Strategic Partner Plan”that would integrate own resources for distribution channels and rich sales experience and join hands with the industry brands to broaden the advantages from each other and strengthen the brand influence on the market, and also share the valuable market insights and intelligence.


With the good foundation established between sindoh & eSUN, sindoh and eSUN signed the agreement after deep communication on the details and become the first ever global strategic partner.



Mr. Thomas, CEO 3D Business Division of Sindoh (Left) & Mr. Simon Yin, Manager, 3D Business Division of eSUN (Right)


The Partnership Between Sindoh & eSUN Has Far-reaching Significance More Brands are Expected to Join


The collaboration between Sindoh & eSUN is well-established and long standing. The win-win co-operation under strategic plan this time will provides more power to brand awareness, reputation, market influence and competitiveness.



Through this co-operation, eSUN and sindoh discussed the 3D product portfolio positively. On the one hand, to give full play to the global distribution network of eSUN; on the other hand, to stimulate the global market arrangement for sindoh 3D printers. It gives more convenient buying service to clients from printers to printing materials while promoting the brand awareness and sales performance. What’s more, one-stop purchasing service help clients decrease their cost. Sindoh printer work with eSUN filament will offer more exceptional experience and better quality prints to global users.




In the future, eSUN will still work with more brands that participated in “Strategic Co-operation Plan”for serving the global 3D printing users more comprehensively and offering more convenient buying service, helping them decrease the cost and enable more people to be able to enjoy the benefits that 3D printing brings, and delivering unceasing driving power to the industry.


Welcome more brands to join hands with eSUN for advancing the application and development of 3D printing and create a better future!