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eSUN Take the Lead in Launching ePEEK Filament!




The European Space Agency (ESA) used PEEK to print a shell of microsatellite. In the first demonstration, the use of 3D printing technology can reduce the cost of industrially manufactured cube satellites, and its standardized 10 cm box can also be placed in a foldable electronic board. PEEK’s excellent performance on mechanical properties, flame retardancy, and electrical conductivity also can allow this satellite flying in the space. It also can help researchers saving time and effort.



PEEK is a kind of special engineering material. In 1981, it was first developed and commercialized by ICI in British. Its’ comprehensive performance is very excellent, and it has been developed so far that it can be used as a substitute for metal materials in most applications.



Focusing on the current and future 3D printing trends, innovation and scientific research will bear the brunt of developing. Therefore, eSUN take the lead in launching the ePEEK filament which is a self-developed industrial-grade 3D printing material!






ePEEK is a semi-crystalline polymer with high heat resistance;

Can maintain high wear resistance under 250°C, low friction coefficient, can withstand 315°C in a short time;

The toughness and alternating stress’s fatigue resistance are the most in plastic materials, comparable to alloy materials;

Chemical resistance and flame retardancy are excellent, with the resistance to radiation;

High strength, high fracture toughness and excellent stability;

Good self-lubrication, stable insulation, hydrolysis resistance.




Printing temperature: 390~410℃

Printing speed :15~30mm/s

Baseplate temperature: 100~150℃

Chamber temperature: 70-90℃





Chamber temperature required at 70-90°C .





ePEEK is mainly adopted in aerospace, military equipment, nuclear power, medical equipment, electronic semiconductors and other fields.



In order to improve the 3D printing performance, based on the performance of ePEEK filament,

eSUN has developed a more smoother ePEEK Pro filament.




eSUN has developed a spirit of pursuing for innovation. It has become an important component of this brand.


With 16 years industry experience and the mind of keeping perfection, which has been rooted in the branding elements of eSUN. This new product is the premier choice of industrial section.