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eSUN Will Meet you in Sydney This May



eSUN Will Meet you in Sydney This May


The expo of Inside 3D Printing in NWM will take place from May 9th to 11th May at Sydney Olympic Park Exhibition Center. This exhibition will gather together all the outstanding manufacturers from the top 3D printing materials fields and mechanical equipments. Until now, more than 150 exhibitors and 40 manufacturing experts will participate in the exhibition, and more than 10,000 professional visitors will attend in it. As a company that mainly focuses on the development and production of environmental-friendly 3D printing materials, eSUN will bring its most outstanding 3D printing products to the show. DO NOT MISS THIS CHANCE !

Welcome you to VISIT our booth.


【Exhibition News】




The three-day exhibition ‘Inside 3D Printing with NWM’ will provide a variety of opportunities for the manufacturing industry, focusing on industrial capacity development, innovation of products and services, technological innovation and skills improvement. At site, there will also have technology demonstration and hands-on practice , bringing skills training to all the visitors.


At that time, world-class speakers and well-known exhibitors will arrive at the exhibition, focusing on the topics such as ‘Innovation and Opportunities’ to carry out a series of progressive interactive seminars or webinars. People are gathering together to discuss the latest industry trends and innovations of the manufacturing industry.




As an active exhibitor at Inside 3D Printing in NWM, eSUN actively participate this exhibition yearly. Undoubtedly, eSUN will bring many outstanding products to to this show, presenting everyone the unique charm of 3D printing technology,  you can never miss this opportunity!


Star Products

PLA+ filament



PLA+ is a bio-material extracted from corn grain, naturally degradable and non-polluting to the environment; Hard and strong; High rigidity; Good gloss and hardness; Printing process is non-toxic, odorless, non-curling, no warping. What’s more, PLA+ can be used in large model printing, its’printing temperature is 205-225 °C.



ePA-CF filament




eSUN adopted nylon as a substrate to produce ePA-CF (carbon fiber-reinforced nylon) filament with 20% carbon fiber, which is highly environmentally friendly; Its’printing performance is smoothly, with high precision, toughness and wear resistance; And the high flame retardancy is the ePA-CF's best features, reaching UL94-V2 flame retardant level, innovative overcoming the non-high temperature problem of traditional materials.



ePA-GF filament



ePA-GF adopted by short glass fiber reinforced nylon. Compared with pure nylon filaments, its’ mechanical strength, rigidity, heat resistance, creep resistance and fatigue strength all havebeen greatly improved, and the shrinkage of molding has been improved. What’s more,hygroscopicity is reduced. Thus, it has an excellent printing performance.


ePA Nylon



ePA Nylon is a high potency filaments, and its appearance overcomes the problem of high temperature resistance of traditional materials. And its high flame-retardant characteristics makes it standing out from other materials. In addition, ePA has good chemical resistance and oil resistance, and its high toughness and wear resistance make it become more widely used. It can be used in industrial parts, handicrafts, daily necessities, open mold design and other fields.





ePC is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly material. Compared with the traditional PC filaments, it can meet the requirements of conventional FDM’s printing and molding, and it is barely to appear edge warping. High toughness and great transparency. Good fluidity when printing. High temperature resistance, especially with a high degree of flame retardant, flame retardant rating of UL94-V2, played a very good role in fire protection. Suitable for printing all kinds of household items, such as candlesticks, lampshades, high temperature appliances!



New product package






Before using the filaments, consumers will be both troubled in putting away the spool. Refilament filaments combined with Respool can perfect tackle this problem. What’s more, the Refilament lined neat, reducing the knot of the filaments; the Respool can be reused to save resources; at the same time, it also saves the transportation costs and reduces the spool’s transportation.The eBOX can be used to heat and dry the filaments at any time, and it also has the function of moisture-proof and dustproof, and the residual condition of the filaments are being monitored.


【eResin-PLA+LCD/DLP printer】




eResin-PLA resin is the world's first bio-based, its’safe and environmentally friendly; high-precision printing, and good hardness, scratch resistance; hydrophobicity, dry surface , not easy to absorb moisture. Supporting LCD printers with built-in upgrading new light source; open structure and chute, automatic leveling; high precision, high speed, and combined with cost-effective. DLP printer adopts DLP digital light processing system with LED light source industrial grade light machine; printing dot matrix is intensive,  guarantee 50,000 hours life.



Thanks to the displaying opportunity of this innovative expo, eSUN will also show 3D printing filaments, biomaterials and 3D printing insoles at Inside 3D Printing in NWM, to create more innovations for technology life.




eSUN firmly adheres to the business philosophy of ‘Differentiated Positioning, Open Innovation’, focusing on special market segments, serving high-end customers, leading the trend of market demand.



Exhibition:Inside 3D Printing in NWM

Date: 9th -11th  May, 2018

Location:Sydney Olympic Park Exhibition Center

Booth No.:1710