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NEW 3D Printing Kits Attract Widely Attention @ RAPID+TCT 2018


Recently, the most influential additive manufacturing event RAPID +TCT 2018 opened in Texas, USA. The attendees are more than 6,000 and exhibitors are more than 300, many first-class international brands and various new original products are presented impressively, which adds more highlights to this event.



eSUN new product coupled with 3D printer CR-10S won good reputation at RAPID+TCT 2018 event


As a global known manufacturer for 3D printing filaments, eSUN exhibits a variety of self-developed new products that fully demonstrated the innovation ability of 3D printing industry in China. The new flagship product portfolio Refilament + Respool + eBOX coupled with 3D printer CR-10S by partner INTSERVO in US generated widely concern and good reputation.





Re-designed 3D Printer CR-10S Empowers Stability, Innovation and Sustainability

The 3D printer CR-10S exhibited by our partner INTSERVO is a very handy and was upgraded based on the original model CR-10, this new model employs all metal frame and a heated glass print bed, and equipped with dual Z axis lead screw rod which makes higher printing quality and more stable printing at high height. It supports 1.75mm PLA/PLA+, ABS/ABS+, PETG, TPU 95A, Copper, Wood etc, enabling the printing have better stability and creativity.


Besides, CR-10S model have BOTH standard control cable AND extended control cable so that you can put control box further away and easily add enclosure and can still alert you when the filament has ran out or broken. It also has the ability to resume prints even after a power outage.



The Perfect Companion for 3D Printer   No Need to Dispose


At present, the highly featured 3D printing usually will be the spotlight once it is presented at the trade show, just like CR-10S 3D printer, which is based on the essence of eco-environment, simple and easy-to-use. eSUN as the pioneer of 3D printing technology, also developed the similar products “Refilament + Respool + eBOX”   



Refilament plus respool is formed with the idea of decreasing the waste of materials and environment protection, refilament is orderly placed and eliminated the trouble of knot, while respool is designed for meeting the installation size of mainstream devices, it can be re-used and help save resources.In the meanwhile, help clients reduce the transportation cost. eBox is designed to keep filament dry and dehumidify filaments of different types, heating and drying your filaments at specified temperature as needed, and real-time display for the rest filament weight.


eSUN Diversified Co-operation Mode Facilitates the Further Development of 3D Printing Industry


eSUN have an deep insight into the consumer needs and further the speed of innovation based on understanding the personalized creation of 3D printing,continuously launched one and one star products. Refilament+Respool+eBox perfectly matched with 3D printer CR-10S signifies the success of action of laying out the market in 3D printing device and unceasingly growth impetus for the future, which established solid foundation for the increase of sales revenue.



The deversified co-operation mode between eSUN and INTSERVO adhering to the idea of eSUN “Differentiated Positioning, Open Innovation” , which demonstrated the power of sustainable development of eSUN, and the future leadership that unremittingly make efforts to push the development of global 3D printing industry to the hilt.


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