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This April, eSUN will participate in Asia's Spring's largest electronics fair in Hong Kong...


Today, the scientific and technological era has undergone tremendous changes along with the economic growth and social development. Hong Kong's city can always seized opportunities and strive to occupy an important position in global economic and cultural communication.



The electronics industry is Hong Kong’s largest exporter of foreign exchange products. In 2017, exports of electronics industry in Hong Kong has reached US$329 billion, yearly incresed by 9%. As an important e-commerce trading hub in Asia, Hong Kong is the best choice for holding international electronic technology trade exhibitions.


The annual Hong Kong Spring Electronics Fair will be held from April 13th to 16th at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center.



Hong Kong Spring Electronics Fair, as the world's largest electronic product exhibition, since its’beginning in 2004, it has been a stage for major manufacturers to compete and strive to show their highlight products. This year, Hong Kong Spring Electronics Fair’s scale is larger than the previous years. In recent years, popular wearable electronic products, home networking, navigation systems, 3D printing and other technical products will both hit the show.




It is said that the vice president of the TDC, Zhou Qiliang, once stated: "The TDC holds spring and autumn electronic products exhibitions in April and October yearly, to tightly tie with the procurement cycle of global buyers. Hong Kong Electronics Fair is the largest Electronics Fair in Asia. The similar trade show in spring-- the International Information Technology Expo will attract more than 2,900 exhibitors this year, and the International Information Technology Expo held in the same period will bring about 600 exhibitors and create more cross-sector business opportunities."

Undoubtedly, the simultaneous holding of the two exhibitions will surely attract global trade buyers to gather here. At that time, a "science and technology museum" will be set up to gather cutting-edge technologies together, "start-up" areas will show all of the innovative technologies, and "brand collection halls" will present varies brand style. Everyone will jointly appreciate the latest electronic products, information, solutions and have a discussion on the most advanced technologies together.



For such a large-scale science and technology exhibition, the exhibitors are mostly leading world companies. Started from 2015 to 2016, eSUN keep actively participated in exhibition. Taking advantage of 3D printing technology, eSUN has become win a space in the international market.


2015, eSUN in Hong Kong Spring Electronics Fair


2016, eSUN in Hong Kong Spring Electronics Fair



On the upcoming Hong Kong Spring Electronics Fair, eSUN is glad to share our latest 3D printing package:


Soulution No.1:



Before using the filaments, consumers will be both troubled in putting away the spool. Refilament filaments combined with Respool can perfect tackle this problem. What’s more, the Refilament lined neat, reducing the knot of the filaments; the Respool can be reused to save resources; at the same time, it also saves the transportation costs and reduces the spool’s transportation.The eBOX can be used to heat and dry the filaments at any time, and it also has the function of moisture-proof and dustproof, and the residual condition of the filaments are been monitored.


Soulution No.2:

【eResin-PLA+LCD/DLP printer】


eResin-PLA resin is the world's first bio-based, its’safe and environmentally friendly; high-precision printing, and good hardness, scratch resistance; hydrophobicity, dry surface , not easy to absorb moisture. Supporting LCD printers with built-in upgrading new light source; open structure and chute, automatic leveling; high precision, high speed, and combined with cost-effective. DLP printer adopts DLP digital light processing system with LED light source industrial grade light machine; printing dot matrix is intensive,  guarantee 50,000 hours life.


Photocuring Solution

[low temperature 3D printing pen + low-temperature filaments package]





The isun3d low temperature 3D printing pen has upgraded in terms of safety, convenience, usability, and matching products. The appearance become more small and exquisite, with simple structure, under one-button operation, compatible with Android data cable and Android power adapter, and its’USB interface facilitate it can worked with mobile power, to meet the creation needs at anytime, anywhere. Moreover, the related eMate low-temperature printing pen filaments package, is non-toxic and tasteless, safe and environmentally friendly, and has a good flexibility, low temperature printing and molding, but also can be used in the pattern of re-shaping.


Thanks to this technology innovative trends, eSUN will also bring its 3D printing filaments, biomaterials, 3D printed insoles, and etc. to this Hong Kong Spring Electronics Fair, to create more sophisticated innovations for the whole world.





eSUN is adhering to the business philosophy of “differentiated positioning and open innovation”, focusing on special market segments, serving high-and-mid end consumers, and leading the market trends.


Looking forward to your appearance in Hong Kong Spring Electronics Fair!

Exhibition:Hong Kong Spring Electronics Fair

Date     :2018, April 13th-16th.

Location : Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center

Booth    :5B-F07

Website  :