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Come with eSUN, let’s travel around in CES2018!


In January 9th, American time, 2018 CES was grandly held in Las Vegas.

The latest technology demonstrated in the exhibition surprised the world. It can be described as brilliant, and every amazing product shows us the complexity of technology and technological capabilities. We can’t help praising that the great imagination and wonderful creativity of this era.


During these years, CES tends more and more appealing to the theme of "artificial intelligence technology to change life". In CES2018, not only Intel and other overseas technology giants actively releasing shining new products, but also there are many domestic companies such as Huawei, Baidu, eSUN and etc. Those  domestic companies bringing a lot of wonderful ideas in technological innovations.




Is the automatic driving most appealed to you? Or the three-dimensional VR technology impressive you most? or is there a transformable robot flashed into your minds?  According to those latest echnology,  we can imagine that technology may transform our life in the future.



Thus, as below, let us appreciate the latest technology and new innovations together.


The future full-featured automatic vehicle


Auto-driving cars is widespread in these day , both from the creative technology is  increasingly advanced, the major car companies are also vying to release all kinds of fully automatic driving car. The e-Palette Concept released by Toyota offers customize services for transportation, offline stores, freight logistics, take-out delivery and etc.  Maybe, next time, your take-out will appear with an aircraft.

▼Feel the brezze of take an aircraft as a taxi.


Intel launch the Volocopter at the show, the world's first automatic helicopter.  It is a ‘flying car’ that will be used for transportation in the future. "Flying at anytime" is no longer a dream!


Roll up the TV !

LG demonstrated a reelable-screen TV, the fuselage with 65-inch flexible screen, next time, when you pick up the luggage, TV can be completely be packed in your pagckage!


Cute companion robot


Social-phobia crowd can not miss this lovely robot, under the concept of 3E’s  emphatically Empathy, this robot can understand human’s feelings, and give you warm care when you are sad and helpless ...


Aibo Robot dog



Sonys robot dog through the artificial intelligence system,  it can collect the perception of the surrounding environment, after receiving the command  from the controller, it will make the appropriate action. In addition, aibo robot dog also comes with emotional systems, users can enjoy the process of  cultivating this robot dogs.


▼ Smart follow suitcase



Runmobi black technology from Xiaomi’s ecological system, has brought a smart follow suitcase named 90 FUN Puppy 1, installed with Segway military radio technology, self-balancing technology. It can be described as the coolest black technology in CES2018.



Not omly the intelligent design can liberate your hand , but also more appeal to  people-oriented philosophy of life.  

▼3D print your face



If a selfie is not fun enough, then how about try 3D print your face?

Use this Face Camera Pro's camera to perform a depth-aware scan of a person's face and then output the face-rendered image to a 3D printer for a lifelike 3D look!


▼ the most majestic armor warrior



Whether to be a artwork displayed in your house, or to be a props in a dress up games, this armor warrior by Raise3D is undoutly to be praised as exceptionally good.


▼ the most exquisite hand-painted mask



This exquisite mask is made by 3D printing pen! It can turn a 2D graphics successfully into a 3D model! What an amazing wonders! All kinds of your drawing can have a three-dimensional evolve, just through a little printing pen!



This Flashforge is a 3D print insole. And this Flashforge is a great example to show that the 3D printed insole is not only can improve the comfort and safety of the shoes, but even also can endow the shoes with healthy functionality, the needed printing filaments of Flashforge adopted eSUN’s eLastic.


As the eSUN’s first participated exhibition in 2018, eSUN is bound to show how excellent Chinese innovation has achieved. And we are also tried to demonstrate Chinese products’quality and beauty!




The exhibition site, eSUN has launched the 3Dwox and eBOX. The 3D wox is a smart 3D printer, and the eBOX is a 3D printing storage box. These two products are both enjoyed a good popularity in CES2018. eSUN’s 3D filament is very popular in the market . eSUN’s filaments are widely-praised by cost-effective.





In the site of CES2018, so many people shows great interests in our LTP(Low temperture printing pen).






A new year has come, eSUN’s wonder is on the way!


If you wanna know more about us, please feel free to contact us!