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Pinshape contest week 6


In this week we have some prints full of imagination and festive air. Let us have a look!


Christmas Tree Bauble (with secret compartment) - 3D Printed by Step Cia


Print Time: 4 hr(s)  

Material Type: PLA

Layer Height: 0.2 mm

Print Speed: 80.0 mm/s

Extrusion Temperature: 200.0°C




This is a Christmas Tree bauble with screw top which allows the hollow to act as a container for little gifts/secrets. It’s designed it this way because a solid bauble seemed a waste of filament and Secret compartments are cool. Besides, the more parts, the more colours you can have.



Wave stand for the #3DBenchy - 3D Printed by drcameron

Print Time: 3 hr(s)

Material Type: PLA

Layer Height: 0.16 mm

Print Speed: 40.0 mm/s

Extrusion Temperature: 210.0°C

Infill %: 10.0 %



3DBenchy is a well-known 3d printing model. This is a benchy with a wave stand, which is full of imagination.  



BIRDHOUSE - 3 PIECES - 3D Printed by Алексей Кудряшов

Material Type: PLA

Layer Height: 0.2 mm

Infill %: 20.0 %



  This is a birdhouse without supports, like one in a dreamy forest. It is divided into three parts, so you can print it at a larger size. To join the parts of the house we recommend using a hot silicone gun.





CAVALIER - 3D Printed by yoda3d

Print Time: 3 hr(s) 30 min(s)

Material Type: PLA

Layer Height: 0.15 mm

Extrusion Temperature: 200.0 °C  

Infill %: 10.0 %





3D printed horse, maybe you can print a whole set to make a set of chess!



the American Craftsman Bungalow Birdhouse - 3D Printed by bienenstocker

Print Time: 50 hr(s)  

Material Type: Pla

Extrusion Temperature: 181.0°C  



 This is an American Craftsman Bungalow Birdhouse!

This birdhouse features two entrances, upper ventilation through the chimney and windows as well as sloped drains in the base to allow fluid to run out. There are multiple interior platforms built in to the corners so birds can snuggle in places where wind is unable to blow across them. Along with the veranda, there are also three perches for birds to hang out on.

There are two hefty center-aligned screw slots for tree mounting and for extra stability, there are two decorative support trusses so keep it from going anywhere!

This classy casa is designed to print without the use of support material. Even the body prints as a single piece! The base, which includes the porch for the veranda, slides in from the front and comes to a rest with the columns mating with the beam of the roof.

This can of course be proportionately scaled, however it was designed to best accommodate small birds like finches, blue-jays, chickadees and the like.