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Let us dating at 3D Printing 2018 Japan!


As a big industrialized country, Japan enjoys a solid industrial foundation which is universally acknowledged and affirmed.




Recently, more and more developed countries attaching great importance to the development of additive manufacturing industries, Japan has given a very strong support in the additional manufacturing industries , and take it as a new growth point in their future industrial development. A lot of the latest 3D printing technology surprised so many people.  


For example: Japanese technology companies cooperated with IT fashion designer Onoya Masayuki , launched a 3D print textile lines waistcoat, called AMIMONO. You can feel free to stretch and shrink it, or even fold up it. Currently, this is one of the most comfortable 3D printed clothing for wearing .



One of the Japanese company introduced a terrific 3D printed biomimetic electromechanical prosthesis HACKberry, the artificial limb can be controlled by the smart phone, takeing advantage of the computing power with the smart phone, according to their needs to operate, and it successfully made a breakthrough in the previous tradition of expensive prostheses.



There is also an ingenious innovation named as "three-dimensional portrait of the urn," by using the life photoes of the ancestors, converted those photoes into computer 3D graphics, and then by using 3D printing technology to capture the  ancestors’past life.


No matter in Japan's Medical fields, Automotive industry, Cartoon and etc. ... you can see 3D printing technology appeared everywhere. Japan as a big country with a marvelous development of science and technology, their 3D printing is also under a booming status.

There is no doubt that the most direct way for displaying information about product and technology is to attend exhibitions. Thus, if you wanna know more latest news on 3D printing technology, have a dating with eSUN in 3D Printing 2018 Japan would be your best choice!



【3D Printing 2018 Japan】 Since the beginning of the show, it was held for four times. The number of exhibitiors are in a continuous increse.  During this exhibition, through a three-dimensional development model, the latest 3D print technology will enhance the 3D printing industry applications from all sides. In the exhibition, you can have a sights on various types of 3D printers, 3D printing scanners, and the latest 3D printing achievements. Those spotlights will be broadcast on the same time by the TCT, and it also a good chance to gather various types of industry authority together with the influential figures to explore more potential in 3D print industry.


At present, China's additive manufacturing industry also has many possibilities for development. eSUN will grasp this opportunity to actively display the great image of “Creative in China” on this international stage. We believed that this valuable exhibition experience will bring eSUN with a rapid development, and spreading a more stable tunnel for eSUN’s growth.


Looking forward to your visit.

February 14-16th, 2018

【3D Printing 2018 Japan】

Exhibition: 3D Printing 2018 Japan

Time:February 14-16th, 2018

Location:East Hall 6, Tokyo Big Sight,Japan 

Booth No.:6T-24