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Pinshape contest week 5 collection! !


  The new year has come and we wish everyone a year full of filaments! We will continue to share good filaments and good prints with you! Let us appreciate the prints of Pinshape contest week five together.



Aria the Dragon - 3D Printed by kijai


Print Time: 3 hr(s)
Material Type: T-Glase Aqua
Layer Height: 0.15 mm
Print Speed: 50.0 mm/s
Extrusion Temperature: 246.0 °C
Infill %: 15.0 %


 Aria The Dragon has been printed many times by many people. This was a really difficult model to build and keep support-free, the designer built Aria in Blender, whilst keeping the support-free directive. To keep Aria support free, she was kept looking up and was given a gentle appearance. The style of Aria was also inspired by the fabulous dragon sculpture on the Dragon Bridge found in Ljubljana.



Peacock Gel Pen Stand - 3D Printed by Rose Moore

Print Time: 18 hr(s)
Material Brand: Proto-Pasta
Material Type: HTPLA Glitter
Layer Height: 0.2 mm
Print Speed: 65.0 mm/s
Extrusion Temperature: 205.0 ℃
Infill %: 8.0 %


  This is a Peacock Gel Pen Stand. It is inspired by rainbows and lovely flamboyant birds. Design includes cavities on the front for adorning with 2-3mm round crystals. The prints in the photos were done with Proto-Pasta glitter materials. 


3d printed articulating LED lamp - 3D Printed by igorF2

Print Time:9 hr(s)
Material Type:PLA
Layer Height:0.2 mm
Extrusion Temperature:190.0 ℃
Infill %:20.0 %


  Having good lighting at your desk or at a reading location is essential for your visual comfort and the health of your eyes. Although, it is not always possible to find a lamp of your liking, or that does not occupy much space on your desk, limiting your work area. This is a 3D printed articulating lamp, which can be configured according to your needs.

Possibly the final product will be more expensive than ordinary lamps that you will find in stores. But none will be configurable like this, nor will will let you be proud to say that you did it by yourself! If you have a 3D printer or have access to one in your hacker/maker space, this is an interesting and useful project to equip your workshop and practice your 3D printing and modeling skills. 



asteroid vase - 3D Printed by Stefano Rubini


Print Time:1 hr(s) 0 min(s)
Layer Height:0.2 mm
Print Speed:40.0 mm/s
Infill %:0.0 %


  This is a simple vase printed in spiral mode by Stefano Rubin. The uneven surface gives the vase a modern sense.



Karambit - 3D Printed by Werri Werri

Print Time:3 hr(s)
Material Type:PLA
Layer Height:2.0 mm
Print Speed:75.0 mm/s
Extrusion Temperature:200.0 °C
Infill %:30.0 %



This is a large print and it turned out pretty well.The painting took about 1 hr without drying - he attempted to paint the karambit like the crimson web skin in csgo. The stand he used in the pictures is also 3d printed.