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Formnext 2017 reveals the high-growth period of 3D printing!




  On November 14th-17th, Formnext was held in Frankfurt for 4 days. It is well known that Formnext has been showcasing the latest achievements in the additive manufacturing industry and provides companies with diversified solutions that are in line with business strategic planning and also provide a communication and win-win opportunity for entrepreneurship.



Every day there is an endless stream of visitors, because the 3D printing technology and equipment shown are really amazing!

Designed for industrial-scale 3D manufacturing environment, the new HP Jet Fusion 3D 4210 printing solution dramatically reduces operating costs and increases productivity.




3D Systems released a new line of photo-curing, metal powder bed printing and selective laser sintering 3D-printed products, including the Figure 4 SLA 3D printing platform, the DMP 8500 factory solution and the ProX SLS 6100 laser sintering solution.


BASF's market penetration in 3D printing materials is also rapidly expanding. In cooperation with EOS, the company has established a cooperation program for selective laser sintering of plastic materials. It has also established a development plan for industrial-grade photosensitive resin-jet 3D printing materials with XAAR, and will work with Ricoh on a development plan for RICOH AM S5500P selective laser sintering equipment.




3D printing service section


☻In this exhibition section, we can see prints with unusual look and maker space full of scientific feeling.




Except for decorations and clothing, you can also see 3D-orinted race cars here.




Here are the booths of Ultimaker and Sindoh.




CIRP exhibits some prints with multiple colors here, really provided us with an feast for the eye!




These are the memorable moments on Formnext.eSUN also brings a lot of our 3D printing filaments and biomaterial to the site.




Except for our reliable 3D filaments, we also keep on the innovation of new products for the industry all the time.




On our booth, we decorates it with simple white and exhibit a full line of our products.




Most importantly, we bring eBox, the 3D-printing filament storage box. eBox is a moisture and dust proof filament storage box, which is very practical in 3D printing and attracts a lot of attention.





From green biomaterials to 3D printing,eSUN continually enhances product quality and brand strength driven by innovation in science and technology. Products and Services are breaking through the international market and strive to achieve excellent advantages in the global competition.




We have CEO Mr. Peixue Li from Chinese 3D printing media 3dfocus visited our booth and talked on 3D printing. Thanks Mr. Li for your support!



And we also got interviewed by international 3D printing media on our CEO Mr. Yang.


According to our CEO Mr. Yihu Yang, “The Chinese market for desktop 3D printers is today mainly focused on entry level products, but China's rise as an innovation super power poses a great need for professional desktop 3D printing tools and this is where the ZYYX pro shines.''

“Our ePA, ePA-CF and ePA-GF works perfectly with ZYYX desktop 3D printer for our customers to produce functional prototypes and fixture.”  


On will continue to improve our product line and provide better service for our customers!



This year Formnext has gathered more than 470 exhibitors worldwide, which show the limitless development of 3D printing. We surely believe that 3D printing is in a high-growth period!