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More Models on MyMinifactory with eSUN filaments



Last week we released a model by Martin on MyMiniFactory,“Awesome Mix Tape from Guardians of the Galaxy”. Many audiences have shown their interest in it:


“This reminds me of the time when Guardians of the Galaxy first released. I'd like to watch it again!”

“The Mix tape is my favorite prop in the movie. I will definitely print one for myself.”

“Hope to see more models like these, especially the models for girls to try out!”


It's obvious that people are deeply attracted by these models of Martin. So today we bring you with some more works by him, a series of works printed with PLA and PLA+.



Thor's shield

☻Printed with eSUN grey PLA




  With the release of Thor: Ragnarokrecently, many discuss about Thor and his weapons are being talked about. This is a Thor shield printed with eSUN grey PLA, one important weapon except for his famous hammer.   

  You can see this shield has great toughness and thickness, which works like the perfect weapon to defend yourself!



An old astronaut

☻Printed with eSUN grey PLA+



This model is designed with ZBrush, printed with eSUN grey PLA+ and finished with acrylic paint at the end. Even every little detail is quite vivid!




☻Printed with eSUN white PLA+




This is a model from“Ratchet & Clank series”,  a video game franchise created by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. It is primarily known for its weaponry, featuring a wide variety of often comically outlandish yet strategically valuable weapons. Martin designed this model based the game and then assemble the parts together afterwards. You can see that PLA+ give the prop much more toughness and great matching color. PLA and PLA+ are also perfect filaments for cosplayers to use!


Anvil BenchMark

☻Printed with eSUN grey PLA+




This is a 3D anvil Benchmark designed and printed by Martin. It's the same as 3DBenchy but it's as cute as it and the overhangs are pretty awesome. Martin even designs stickers for it!

  As you know we have recently started a contest with Pinshape. We will keep providing you with excellent models and works printed with eSUN filaments!