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2017 Inside 3D Printing Mumbai is happening!




In India, when you explore in the bustling Mumbai street, there are high-rises in front of you but behind are just shabby slums; 

As you sit on the Ganges river and listen to the sound of night-festivals with hundreds years long, watch the first-ever sunset fall on the Taj Mahal and wait for the coming train, time at this moment is still.

For the last exhibition of 2017, eSUN is visiting Mumbai, India.



Abundant sunshine, simple folk customs

Everywhere exudes a beautiful ancient civilization here


Of course, Mumbai is also the city of modern technology

with unique stunning features




For example, in recent years, a large number of critically acclaimed Bollywood productions are located in Mumbai,

India's largest film production center. There is also an arts center just a few steps from Bollywood,

at the Nehru Exhibition and Convention Center in Mumbai, India.



Stills of  Slumdog Millionaire  and 3 Idiots


On December 1st-2nd, 2017 Inside 3D Printing Mumbai will be held at Nehru Center with the latest 3D printing technology and news.



This is the another exhibition eSUN invited to exhibit on after 2017 Inside 3D Printing Seoul.




  On this exhibition you can see advanced 3D printing technology and also the latest 3D printer and service. Held over the same period is the global 3D printing industry summit forum with guest speakers from all over the world.

These 3D printing industry experts will share their experiences and discuss how 3D printing can be applied to meet the industrial and commercial needs of a wide range of industries including rapid prototyping, product development, pharmaceuticals, automotive, Technology, software and more.



  In addition, India will also create the first online platform to provide the 3D printing industry with the latest updates, news, market research and 3D printing projects, which will help boost and promote Indian industrial networking.

For science and technology, Indian people are very respectful and eager to learn. In the next 30 years,

India also hopes to rely on science and technology for breaking through and solving social problems. Therefore,

the number of exhibitors at Inside 3D Printing exhibition increases each year, this year is going to be another grand science and technology carnival.




In the lase two years, eSUN has exhibited in Inside 3D Printing Mumbai for three times, trying to learn more and put forward the development of 3D printing industry.



  ☻eSUN at 2015 Inside 3d printing Mumbai





☻eSUN at 2016 3D PRINT INDIA



  ☻ eSUN at 2016 Inside 3d printing Mumbai


This year we are exhibiting our 3D filaments, biomatrial, low temperature 3D pen and other innovative products.





Exhibition:Inside 3D Printing Mumbai