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eSUN introduces 3D-printing filament storage box, eBOX at Formnext 2017 Exhibition



Global leading 3D printing supplies brand eSUN, will attend the Formnext 2017 Exhibition in Germany to exhibit its latest product, the multi-function 3D printing filament storage box, eBOX.



eBOX is a product that heats, weighs and combines moisture proof and dustproof capabilities to offer a dry storage environment and avoid the influence of moisture on 3D printing filament so that it can maintain its properties. In addition, through the weighing function, users can view the wire margin in real time, greatly facilitating printing.

The company decided to manufacture such a box, as 3D printing professionals have a number of problems to solve when storing 3D printing filaments.


Easy to absorb moisture

Due to its characteristics, 3D printing filament absorbs moisture easily, resulting in faulty or bad quality prints. In particular, PC, nylon, PVA and other materials lose their proper properties and printing is poor or fails. And as some high-quality filaments are expensive, protecting them from moisture is a priority.



Improper storage leads to printing imperfections

Most current users, do not have a professional storage facility to install their equipment, so the filament is placed unprotected, exposed to moisture and dust. This results in poor printing jobs and may sometimes destroy the printer itself.


Weight inconvenience, can not accurately measure

The first thing to do before a 3D printing job is to weigh the filament used. In lack of a professional way of measuring filament, most users use traditional weighing means that are neither accurate nor appropriate. This leads to wrong calculations and unfinished jobs or a lot of wasted filaments.


For all the above reasons, eSUN is bringing a multifunctional device to the market -eBOX- that has the following features.


Moisture-proof dust | heating and drying | weighing


1、no center axis rack placed, filament coil winding

2、sealed protection, dust-free, equipped with special drying bag slot, easy recycling

3、set the drying time and heating temperature, real-time detection of the temperature inside the box

4、set the empty disk weight, grams/lb double unit weighing, real-time detection of residual filament weight

5、LED-backlit LCD screen turns off automatically to save power; built-in rechargeable battery

6、comes with an anti-skid pad




As you can see, with the eSUN eBOX, you no longer have to worry about 3D printing filament storage, drying, weighing and so on. As long as you use the eBOX for filament storage, you can save a lot and greatly reduce economic losses but most importantly, your work becomes easier, faster, and qualitative.