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Formnext 2017 is coming!



The development of additive manufacturing is very impressive. The idea of additive manufacturing, the explore spirit, and the courage of entrepreneurs have all changed the structure of traditional manufacturing and provided grand new opportunity for us. Its great potential remains to be further developed.



Formnext powered by TCT is one of the most important exhibitions for additive manufacturing.  


From November 14th-17th, Formnext 2017 will be held in Messe Frankfurt Exhibition Centre.


  As the third exhibition, the scale of Formnext 2017 is much expanded. The exhibitors of this year have exceeded 450, which is 700% more than last year.

  Visitors from all over the world and multinational companies all come to  Formnext to explore the way to research and develop products. There are many outstanding leaders, industry innovators and start-up companies, who will pay attention to all forms of additive technology and related concepts.



  Formnext shows the entire production chain of innovative technology, and redefine the idea of manufacturing. Organizer Sascha F. Wenzler said: "The scale of Formnext grows at an alarming rate, which further consolidates its leading position in the field of additive manufacturing and the new generation of intelligent manufacturing. In a rapidly changing market, formnext closely follows industry trend, and provide a variety of solutions to meet current and future needs. "

A series of innovative events and exciting international conferences will also be held in the same period. In the cooperative seminar with TCT, many industry pioneer experts showcase the present application areas and future development direction of additive technology. The practical and visionary seminar attracts many decision makers to join.



In the past, Formnext has been the main display of industrial-grade 3D printing technology, which can replace the traditional mass production mode.

In 2016 Formnext, several 3D printing combined robot (arm) complete the production of custom products within a short time, covers FDM, SLA, SLS, etc., and also confirms the accelerated development of the industry 4.0.



  Most exhibitors of such a large-scale exhibition are world's leading enterprises and the driving force of innovation.


eSUN is the world's leading brand of 3D printing filaments. On this exhibition we will bring industrial grade filaments like ePA-CF, PEEK, PA series, TPU, PC, ABS, etc. From 2014-2016 eSUN has participated in the 3D printing exhibition organized by Frankfurt.



eSUN in euromald in 2014



  eSUN in Formnext in 2015


     eSUN in Formnext in 2016

  We always expect to learn more and push forward the development of 3D printing industry. In Formnext 2017 we will bring our low temperature 3D pen and 3D filaments for you to visit!



  After TCT Birmingham, this will be the second time we co-exhibit with Sculpto, the 3D printer manufacturer.




Time:November 11th-14th

Place:Messe Frankfurt Exhibition Centre