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News of The 5th iPrint 3D Expo


On October 12th, the 5th iPrint 3D Expo was held at Zhuhai International Exhibition Center.



  It's reported that the participants has increased 25% by last year. The three-day exhibition has introduced FDM 3D printer, industrial-grade 3D printer, 3D filaments, 3D scanner and software, 3D services and other products. Many companies at home and abroad are exhibitors and audiences come endlessly to see the wonder of 3D printing.       


  As one of the exhibitors, eSUN put much effort in this exhibition. We brought our most-welcomed products and also helped some of our partners to exhibit their new products.



  You can see below is the booth of eSUN, with all PLA, ABS, PVA, PC, HIPS, eConductive and Nylon filaments being exhibited. The most attractive print is the red 3D-printed Chairman Mao. The printed statue with exquisite details showed the excellent glossiness and toughness of eSUN PLA+ filament.  



  Our most welcomed product is the low temperature 3D print pen. The multiple color pen that allows you to paint whatever you like is the main reason why children can't get their hands of it!





  Here are two examples of what our 3D pen can do. The amazing Starry Night by Van Gogh looks more vivid in a 3d-printed way, which gives artists more ways to express themselves.



  Join eSUN for better future, this time we exhibit with Poland ZMorph and Guangzhou Lizhu.

  The transparent 3D printer is the latest version of ZMorph multifunction 3D printer, the black one on the right is a printed by Lizhu. And the enclosed black 3D printer is the 3rd version of sindoh by isun3d.    



  Besides, eSUN was also invited to give a speech on 3D technology seminar. With the rapid development of global 3D printing industry, innovation is the key topic for everyone. Our general manager assistant Mr.Yang talked about 3D printing of biomaterial and open innovation, which is absolutely an inspiration for everyone on site.



  To promote the industry standardization process is also another major theme of iPrint 3D Expo, the success of the exhibition also helped the establishment of the "Guangdong 3D Print Standardization Technology Committee". Industry technical experts, business leaders attended the meeting, to discuss the standardization of 3D printing filaments, devices and supplies.



  That's everything about the 5th iPrint 3D Expo. See you on the next one!