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3D printing technology will change the world in the next 30 years...



  Last year, the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Research and Technology published the annual report: Emerging Science and Technology Trends: 2016-2045 -- A Synthesis of Leading Forecasts Report.

It has been published over the past five years by government agencies, industry leaders, international institutions and think tanks. 

  An analysis of the source reports identified 20 core S&T trends that will influence the world over the next 30 year,

and Additive Manufacturing is one of them.


  In the past 10 years, 3D print technology has gained major development. With the decrease of 3D printer costs and the emergence of open source tools and pay-as-you-go model, a big group of Makers are breaking the limits of this technology.

repres entative technology:



representative 3D print application:



  It's forecast that in 2040, 3D printing technology will change the world. A new generation of 3D printers can blend a variety of materials, electronic components, batteries and other originals. People will use 3D printing technology to produce tools, electronic products, spare parts, medical equipment and so on, and in accordance with their own personal needs to achieve the real "private order."

  Except for all these industrial news, let's see some 3D-printed works by our customers with one of our most welcomed filament-PETG.



Printed by @hobby.techn&@Access3DServices in Instagram, with eSUN black&blue PETG




  They're two statues of Aria the dragon. Aria is the daughter of Adalinda and her voice is as beautiful and magical. A kindly dragon, she sings to the land every spring, ensuring good weather and a bountiful harvest for those people and animals who share her kingdom.


Printed by @ilovedoom in Instagram, with eSUN blue PETG


  This low Squirtle from Pokémon is one of our favorite. Squirtle is a small Pokémon that resembles a light blue turtle. Isn't it work perfectly with eSUN PETG blue?


Printed by @jet_prints in Instagram, with eSUN orange PETG



  Our friend @Jet_print printed this beautiful, studded bowl the other day. It's only a layer thick, and there's a nice orange translucency to it. Our PETG filament is non-toxic, recyclable and has a nice sheen, which is perfect for printing containers!